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Sustainable Seafood No Matter Where You Are
As today is World Oceans Day, I thought I'd tip my virtual hat to all the finned, tentacled, shelled, non-land animals out there. I know. I know. One look at my recipe index and you'll see I don't cook a lot of fish. While I'd like to blame the lack of a reliable fishmonger, the real reason is my husband doesn't like anything that comes out of the water. Not even mermaids. That, and the fact I'm a little bit scared of ruining expensive ingredients. Steak is forgiving. You can claim culinary triumph on anything from blue to well-done. But fish and seafood? They slip from perfection to inedible in no time. So, in honour of World Oceans Day, I have four solutions for those who love seafood and the planet. Don't like fish? Have some galette with Andrew. Everyone else, enjoy what the lakes, oceans and waterways have to offer. Guilt-free. No matter where you are.

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