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Local Saturday — wine edition

I've been rather lax with my weekly local food report. After a strong start with surprisingly delicious vegan cupcakes, I spluttered. However, this week I'm back on track thanks in part to a group of wine writers who are hoping to get readers to Drink...

Italian Dessert Week – Zabaglione

This dessert furthers my theory that Italians like to keep their hands busy. Zabaglione is no make-ahead time saver. You're frothing like a mad fiend right up to the moment of serving. And it takes a good 10 to 15 minutes of uninterrupted whipping to...

Champagne and Grapefruit Sorbet

I'm so busted. Yes, I ranted about how you shouldn't buy any kitchen gadget with the word "maker" in it. Yes, I've rabbited on an on about my tiny kitchen. And yes, despite everything I said, I went out and bought a fair-sized electric "maker". An...

Greek Week – In search of Greek wine

Today, I'm swapping blog posts with Gretchen Roberts, an amusing little New World wine writer with hints of berries and peppery undertones. Her blog, Everyday Wine, takes the snob factor out of this potentially pretentious beverage. Since the only Greek wine I've had is Retsina,...

It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to

One of my writing friends, Gretchen Roberts, is a wine fanatic. She loves wine so much she's dedicated a blog to it. Everyday Wine launched this week and one of her posts pointed me to's quiz Am I a Great Vintage? This page tells...

Poached Pears and a Fruit Peeler

I don't like pears and I'm not particularly found of black currants, so I was more than a little surprised to find myself creating a recipe where pears and black currant wine feature as main ingredients. Am I crazy? A masochist? No, just terminally curious. When...

Tuscan Sausages

I was looking through some old family recipes and noticed how short they were. The instructions, and sometimes even the amounts given for the ingredients, assumed you know how to make the dish. These recipes served mainly to prod the memory, not teach. Unlike the...

Sangria Slushie

It's stinking hot here and only going to get worse. The weather report predicts a high of 35C (95F). Factor in the humidity and the term "unbearably hot" applies. At this point, numbers cease to have relevance. You can't tell whether your skin's clammy with...

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