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Gadget Review – Pampered Chef Measure, Mix & Pour

This was another one of my late-to-arrive birthday presents. Clearly I need new glasses. Despite the tell-all name, Measure, Mix & Pour, I initially thought this was a milk frother for my morning latte and blithely demonstrated to everyone at the table how it...

Empire Apple Cider Vinegar

The little things give us away. We go quietly about minding our own business, then someone catches a detail and knows something about you. When I was backpacking in Europe I spotted fellow Canucks by their iron engineering rings or Mountain Equipment Co-op jackets. Americans...

Lemon-Loaded North African Dressing

These days when you order a salad, the dressings choices are so varied they could have their own menu. But years ago, when I fell in love with this lemon-loaded version, the only competition was -- and had been for decades -- Italian, French, Thousand...

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