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Recipe: Basil Cheddar Scones
Last week I was in Banff, Alberta, surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. It was unseasonably warm and the cloudless sky was the shade of cerulean blue you find only in a paint box. It was mid-afternoon and I'd had nothing but airplane coffee and a packet of the biscuits you can only get at 35,000 feet. A local suggested my friend and I grab a bite at a nearby café. Being obedient tourists, we did as we were told. Hungry, but not wanting to spoil dinner, I went for soup. I expected to be taken by the homemade tomato and acho pepper soup and ordered the basil and cheddar scone merely to fill my stomach. I usually find bakery scones disappointing. They've sat on the counter too long. They're too dry, too bland, too expensive. I'm not bragging, but no bakery scone stands a chance against my fresh-from-the-oven ones. The ones I'm making in the photo on my about page. The ones I make every Christmas morning. The ones I want served at my wake.
Schwartz’s Deli
No one guessed the meaning of yesterday's mystery sign. Via Facebook, email and other sources, readers hazarded the following guesses:
  • clackers
  • "dual hose bibs for firefighters when looking for water in downtown areas...also known as a Siamese connection"
  • "a place where you could plug something in to charge it"
  • a warning of "low hanging lights"
  • a practice area for the gymnastic sport of rings
  • and my favourite -- it means you "ARE allowed to peep in the door mail slot"
All valiant efforts. All wrong.
Montreal Mystery Sign

Huh? Andrew and I saw this sign in Montreal. Often. It appeared in a wide variety of locations which only made its meaning more perplexing. While we came up with some creative interpretations, none of them made any sense. Got any ideas? Post your suggestions in the...

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