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Docking pastry for Portuguese Custard Tarts by TheMessyBaker.com
Yes, You Can Make Pastry

Is pastry your nemesis? This easy, no-fail recipe will help you make peace with pastry. Once you learn to knead, rest, and roll perfect pastry dough, you’ll be baking up a storm. In this interactive class you’ll learn to make small but mighty-rich Pecan Tarts,...

Portuguese Custard Tarts by TheMessyBaker.com
Portuguese Custard Tarts

This photo wasn't staged. It's a real glimpse of my chaotic kitchen table, captured via my smartphone. The spoons are washed but remain uncleared from the Herb & Spice post. The dishes at the lower right are set out for lunch, and in the midst of...

Rootham’s Red Pepper Jelly Tarts

If necessity is the mother in invention, then pending company and limited time sire recipes -- some of which are actually worth sharing. One of my favourite spontaneous creations uses Rootham's Tangy Red Pepper Jelly. I'd been given a jar as a hostess gift, and...

The Countdown Continues

With only 24 baking days left until Christmas, I'm ahead of schedule for sending my holiday guests into diabetic shock. The Nanaimo Bars are cut into tidy squares, butter tarts are baked to sugary perfection, the ginger cookies have just the right amount of crinkle...

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