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Food Processors – Too Much of a Good Thing?
I've been sitting on this post for a few days, not sure what to say. I had planned a feature-by-handy-feature appliance review, but feel I should issue a PSA instead.  You see, I broke down and bought a food processor a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I find myself embroiled in a fervent love-hate relationship. The love goes out to the machine which shreds carrots without endangering my knuckles, chops vegetables faster than I can peel them and even makes my beloved pate sucree pastry less messy. The hate? That's all for me. Not because I spent $200 on an item I once shunned (in my defense, it was a $400 machine on sale) but because of what it's doing to me. It's the $112 ice cream maker all over again, only without a frosty treat at the end. I'm so determined to prove my purchase was worth the money  and the dedicated counter space my brand new 97-pound stainless steel chopping wonder requires that I'm overusing it. Sometimes with disastrous results.
I scream for ice cream

I feel fully committed now. Oh, it's not the new $100 ice cream maker, which I can stash in the basement and ignore when the weather turns cool. It's the $15 scoop I bought on the weekend. I just know it will sit in my drawer...

Popcorn maker claims are full of hot air

Free to a good home: One sad-sack hot air popcorn maker. In keeping with the previous surprises I've encountered during Gadget Week, my planned review of a garlic mandolin will have to wait. Instead of presenting you with a tasty recipe for garlic and rosemary popcorn,...

Watching a pot almost boil

I once had a whistling stove-top kettle designed by Murphy's evil cousin. Its dime-sized spout made it difficult to fill, and the whistle never worked as the manufacturers claimed. Instead of emitting an attention-grabbing shriek, it would splutter apologetically and then gear down to a...

Eating Crow

I'm easily swayed by shiny things and cooking experts. Elizabeth Baird claims a stand mixer is a must for bakers. So, despite my previous harsh statements about useless kitchen gadgets, when a brand spanking new stand mixer was on sale for a fraction of its...


Wouldn't you know it? Yesterday, Blogger scheduled an outage right when I wanted to login. So much for modern technology and its creative solutions. Whether you're on the Internet or in the kitchen, complicated gadgetry can lead to frustration. I once had a food processor. It...

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