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Cilantro and Summer Fest

Seems it's the social season for blogs. Yesterday I was stacking eggplant for a virtual potluck, and today I'm arriving fashionably late for Summer Fest, a four-week celebration of the bounty where bloggers share their tips, tricks and recipes about fresh-from-the-garden foods. I found out...

Garlic Scape and Fresh Herb Pesto

Yesterday I issued a plea for ideas of what to do with garlic scapes. The answers rolled in. I heard from people via Twitter, Facebook, email and the comments section. Thank you all. I was thrilled with your response. Of course, with so many great solutions...

Avocado Oil

Avocado photo © Simon Goldenberg. Published under a creative commons license. In the movie Oh, God! George Burns, as The Almighty, admits the avocado might have been his one mistake. He made the pit too big. While I appreciate the creation of avocados, I do wonder...

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