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Up to the Challenge Black Bean Salsa

Frankly, I don't know how Mom did it. She kept track of all her children's likes and dislikes, right down to the details of whether we ate our carrots cooked or raw, wanted our toast cut in triangles or sliced into strips, or preferred our...

Simple Scottish Red Lentil Soup — The Messy Baker.com
Simple Scottish Red Lentil Soup

Mike Meyers once suggested all Scottish cuisine was based on a dare. I can see his point when faced with haggis, congealed oatmeal porridge or rock hard oat cakes. But I'd walk a highland mile for good shortbread, a smooth single malt or piping hot...

Sparks are flying

Winter in Canada brings many wonders. Fresh fallen snow that sparkles like diamond dust. Frosty air that turns your breath into dancing white swirls. And tiny blue sparks of static electricity that sting like an invisible bully's snapped you with a miniature rubber band. No...

Kiss Me Quick Hummus

Belly dance class starts again soon and I'm all set to go. I've secured the coins on my jingly hip scarf and have finally found the bumper sticker I filed away for safe keeping (okay, lost) until the start of the new session. It reads...

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