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Easy Roasted Lemon Potatoes - The Messy Baker
Easy Roasted Lemon Potatoes

I have decided to strike the following phrase from my vocabulary: How hard can it be? It gets me into trouble. For example: Hey, honey, I need a new stove. Why don't we just knock down a wall and add an eat-in kitchen while we're at it....

Chicken Souvlaki

You know you're a food writer when dinner guests bring prepared statements instead of wine. Andrew and his brother had a fine time critiquing the souvlaki meal I served on Sunday. These two would-be Seinfelds delivered their material with wide grins and mouths full. When...

Greek Week – Chicken Kopita

I've no idea if there's such a thing as chicken kopita. I just made it up. While I love spanikopita, I find I'm hungry shortly afterwards. So I sometimes slip a slice of chicken breast onto the spinach and feta base before wrapping up the...

Greek Week – The New Greek Cuisine

Is my face red. My sister phoned to ask if my baklava recipe really needs 14 cups of honey. Sheesh! And I thought microwaving would make the dessert soggy. I've corrected my typo. That's 1/4 cup for those who wondered. While I sit in the penalty...

Pick Your Poison Spanikopita

I'm stunned. The ecoli-infected spinach has crossed the US border and is now in Canada. I didn't think anything got past security these days without a passport and a strip search. Seems green veggies are exempt from this kind of scrutiny. I bet they even...

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