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Five Years In
I was poking about the archives, looking for inspiration and to my shock realized that Christie's Corner recently turned 5. Five? Five! How'd that happen? As a classic ENFP, I don't stick with anything that long. Okay, I've been married for almost 9 years, but to keep things fresh I rearrange the furniture every six months. And yet, this blog has been quietly chugging along in one form or another for half a decade. What gives? To be honest, there are times I have considered throwing in the dish towel. I've often asked myself, Does the world really need another recipe for butternut squash soup? After all, other than an embarrassing amount of cat hair wafting about my kitchen and a natty TARDIS cookie jar, what sets me apart from the others? But just when I am ready to pack up my camera and wipe the virtual counter clean, a book, a person or an idea comes along that says, "Keep going." And you know me. I always do as I'm told.

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