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Last Chance to order Blog Aid

I interrupt this regularly scheduled vegetable post to inform you that today is the last day to order Blog Aid: Recipes for Haiti. The cut off is noon MST, which is 2:00 EST and a half hour later in Newfoundland. Despite how it looks, we're not giving...

Blog Aid for Haiti
Julie Van Rosendaal is a miracle worker. In what must be the fastest turn-around in cookbook publishing history, she conceived, organized and helped deliver Blog Aid: Recipes for Haiti.  In less than three weeks she got 27 food bloggers to donate 72 recipes complete with photos, one very tired designer (Cathryn Ironwood) to give the book a cohesive look, and two corporate sponsors (West Canadian Graphics in Calgary and Blurb in San Fransisco) to match proceeds. The results? The book's been on sale all of 24 hours and we've raised more than $20,000. Proceeds of book sales will go toward Haitian relief via the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. And the proceeds are potentially big. Here's how Julie explained it to me in a recent email [emphasis mine]:

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