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Everday Gourmet Plank Grilling

Every once in a while I come across a cookbook that reminds me how little I know. After decades of grilling burgers and kebabs I was finally gaining confidence, but losing a bit of my enthusiasm. Then I received a review copy of  Ted Reader's Napoleon's Everyday...

Barbecue Roasted Garlic

Lesson learned. Don't blog for a few days and family members will phone to check up on you. I'm fine. Really. I haven't succumbed to swine flu, only the temptations of summer. Truth be told, I've been playing hooky with my barbecue — I mean grill. Our...

Dry Rubs — French Kiss

This is how dry rub should be. Sure it looks a bit like potpourri, but this Mediterranean-inspired rub proved to be so tasty it nearly convinced Andrew to like lamb — something I've been trying to do for almost a decade. Ever since I nearly smoked...

A new use for coffee and cocoa

Quick. What is this? Chocolate muffin with sugar sprinkles? An extreme close up of a cocoa rolled truffle? Nope. Guess again. It’s steak. Earlier in the week, The National Post ran an article about adding coffee to a dry rub. Not only did the recipe call for...

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