Special Diet Recipes

Sure, I love butter, flour and sugar. But I’m not just about sweets. Many of my recipes fall into the following categories, more often by nature than by design. Click on the links below to see recipes that fit the following diets:

Paleo:  These recipes are free from dairy, grains, legumes, and refined sugar. They may contain nuts, seeds, agave nectar, maple syrup or honey.

Gluten-free: Most of these recipes don’t require flour of any kind. A few call for gluten-free flour, which you can get at health food stores. Some contain cornstarch, so ensure your source is gluten-free if this is an issue for you.

Dairy-free: These recipes contain no butter, cheese, milk, cream or yogurt. They may contain meat, eggs and wheat.

Egg-free: These recipes contain no egg yolks or whites by nature. None call for egg substitutes.

Vegetarian: For my purposes, these are lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes which may contain dairy and eggs.

Vegan: No animal products are used in these recipes. Some may be vegetarian, egg-free or dairy-free recipes with vegan alternatives provided in the notes.

Just Good Old-Fashioned Healthy: Everyone’s definition of healthy varies. I tag recipes as “healthy” if they don’t contain excessive amounts of refined foods, sugar or fat.

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