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Sticky Toffee Pudding

When I first saw the The Dirty Apron Cookbook by David Roberston (Figure 1 © 2014), I wanted to run home and make the ravioli pictured on the front cover. They looked rustic enough to give me hope, yet exuded artisanal confidence. I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. Besides, I am always looking for ways to justify my long-neglected […]

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Steven and Chris

Making Memories and Food

Corwin Hiebert spoke at the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference in Vancouver last month. Although he’s not a blogger, he observed that over time bloggers can become tied to their computers. In the process, they lose their enthusiasm, their passion, their curiosity. They slip slowly from Active Participants to Passive Observers.  “You don’t create memories online,” he said. “You […]

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The Messy Baker Logo

Monica Bhide and The Devil in Us

I am ambivalent about labels. They’re (usually) handy if you want to know if your shirt needs dry cleaning or how much fibre your bran cereal contains. They are less useful when applied to humans.  In fact, I’d argue they are misleading. I’ve known Monica Bhide for several years now and have been guilty of labelling her […]

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An autumn scene for an autumn menu by The Messy Baker.

An Autumn Menu

Ignore the calendar. Don’t point to the red and orange maple trees or their fallen leaves that smother the grass. Pumpkins hold no proof. No, Autumn doesn’t arrive with the weather, or gourds, or the solstice. It arrives with mice. Each year, the rodents that feast on my tomatoes and dig ankle-twisting holes in the yard attempt to […]

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Raspberry Galette and Oreos by The Messy Baker

Messy Baker Friday

It’s been a busy week. On Monday a group of food bloggers celebrated Messy Baker Monday, bombarding the Internet with reviews, recipes, photos and virtual flour dust. I’m still finding drips of icing here and there. Today I’m making my debut on CBC’s Steven and Chris. We make a Raspberry-Rhubarb Galette with Frangipane featuring my no-fail pastry — […]

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The Messy Baker

Messy Baker Monday

The next time someone tells you the world is an awful place and that the Internet is turning us all into mean, self-obsessed trolls, show them this post. Today is Messy Baker Monday. I didn’t invent it. I didn’t cook this up as a PR scheme — if you’ll pardon the pun. This idea came from […]

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Spinach Dill Pockets by The Messy Baker

Working with Phyllo Pastry

Phyllo is that shattery pastry found wrapped around many Greek and Middle Eastern treats. Thin as tissue paper, it’s notoriously hard to make from scratch. While it has a reputation of being finicky to work with, it’s surprisingly co-operative if you treat it graciously. I didn’t have time to address all the ins and outs of […]

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Spinach Dill Pockets

Making Spinach Dill Pockets on CTV

The Messy Baker launched two weeks ago today. I’m not sure where the time has gone, but since the book’s release I’ve hosted a garden party book launch, been on stage with Kim Severson at the Decatur Book Festival in Georgia, found myself on the cover of Fashion Weekly, baked and decorated my parents’ 60th anniversary […]

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Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup by The Messy Baker

Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup

The weather has cooled just as I feel squashed against the ceiling of my baking limit. At a time when I can’t face another bag of flour or brick of butter, the overnight temperatures dip to chilly, pull-up-the-blankets digits. I awake to the hum of the furnace, the tip of my nose cold to the touch. The cat has slept […]

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