Pan-roasted fennel with pistachios and fennel leaves

Easy Pan-Roasted Fennel

When given the choice between vegetables or dessert, I usually go for dessert. After all, chocolate will cure what ails you. Unless you’re two weeks into a nasty cold that’s claiming squatters rights to your head. I’m at Day 14. During this time, not only have I consumed 22 bowls of homemade chicken soup, I’ve used up […]

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Mary Berry, The Queen of Cakes

An interview with Mary Berry

If you had 15 minutes to chat with The Great British Bake Off’s Mary Berry what would you ask her — other than, “Will you adopt me?” Last week, I got a chance to speak with the Mary Berry herself. Due to time differences, our conversation took place at 5:30 AM. I’ll be honest. I […]

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Baking with Mary Berry and the Chocolate Roulade

I confess, I’ve been binge watching The Great British Bake Off  on YouTube ever since two friends recommended it earlier this autumn. I bite my fingernails dreading soggy bottoms, split custard, and under-proofed bread. I’m in awe of the homemade strudel dough, the Charlotte Royales, and English muffins. All baked in a tent, under pressure, […]

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Chocolate or Vanilla

I’m often asked which I like best, chocolate or vanilla. To me it’s not an either or option. I love them both and to prove it,  I’m on air at two stations today talking chocolate at one and vanilla at the other. Thanks to pre-taping you can catch me at Inside Guelph throughout the day. […]

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