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Spinach Dill Pockets by The Messy Baker

Working with Phyllo Pastry

Phyllo is that shattery pastry found wrapped around many Greek and Middle Eastern treats. Thin as tissue paper, it’s notoriously hard to make from scratch. While it has a reputation of being finicky to work with, it’s surprisingly co-operative if you treat it graciously. I didn’t have time to address all the ins and outs of […]

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Spinach Dill Pockets

Making Spinach Dill Pockets on CTV

The Messy Baker launched two weeks ago today. I’m not sure where the time has gone, but since the book’s release I’ve hosted a garden party book launch, been on stage with Kim Severson at the Decatur Book Festival in Georgia, found myself on the cover of Fashion Weekly, baked and decorated my parents’ 60th anniversary […]

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Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup by The Messy Baker

Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup

The weather has cooled just as I feel squashed against the ceiling of my baking limit. At a time when I can’t face another bag of flour or brick of butter, the overnight temperatures dip to chilly, pull-up-the-blankets digits. I awake to the hum of the furnace, the tip of my nose cold to the touch. The cat has slept […]

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The Messy Baker Book Launch – A recap

Sunday came and went in a book signing blur. One minute I’m smoothing table cloths, straightening serviette stacks and calmly telling my sister there’s plenty of time before we should put the cookies out. The next, I’m barking orders at anyone within ear shot to get those plates of baked goods outside NOW and throw the hot […]

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The Messy Baker

The Messy Baker Giveaways

Tomorrow The Messy Baker officially hits the shelves. If you missed the Rodale Pin It To Win It Contest,  or were ineligible, don’t fret. Here are two more Messy Baker giveaways to enter. Canadian residents can head over to The Savvy Reader. There’s a recipe for my Peppery Pear and Smoked Gouda Dutch Baby as […]

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Black Bean, Corn and Barley Salada

Black Bean, Corn & Barley Salad

So, Eric Idle came to dinner and was seated beside me. We were going to entertain the other guests with a ripping rendition of The Dead Parrot skit. Only I was so busy thinking up clever tweets I forgot my lines. So I went upstairs to get my iPad, which had the script on it. Even […]

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Black Currant Jam

When I was very little, I thought my mother knew everything. Absolutely everything. If I had a question, she had an answer. If I had a problem, she had a solution. She cured my near-fatal bout of the mumps with teeny-tiny vanilla cupcakes. She could find any confiscated lost article within minutes. And, she was definitely […]

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Cones of Apricot Sherbet with Black Currant Sauce

Apricot Sherbet with Black Currant Sauce

Seasons jumble in my head. Apricots and black currants are oh-so summer, except when the apricots are peaches and the currants are jam. Then it’s late fall — Thanksgiving to be specific. Confused? So am I. I started out with two tasks on my agenda 1) make black currant jam for Thanksgiving, and 2) bake an […]

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