Thanksgiving Survival Guide
I'm a big advocate of knowing your limits. While I'm very good at producing stellar individual dishes (Cranberry & Apple Cake aside), I'm not as gifted when it comes to co-ordinating large, multi-course meals. Want chicken curry on rice with a veggie? No problem. Drop by anytime for a soup, salad and savory scone. And I'm always happy to whip up a batch of ginger cookies. But ask me to produce a stuffed bird, three sides, sauce and dessert? I channel my inner hypochondriac and start searching for the thermometer. Expect me to serve this to a dozen people while wearing heels? Well, let's just say I play the "Small House with an Eat-In Kitchen" card as often as I can. And thanks to my parents, with their large kitchen and even larger dining room, this excuse works every time. All I have to do is show up with a Pumpkin Pie and I'm golden. But I realize not everyone has this Get-Out-of-Cooking-Thanksgiving-Dinner-Free option. So, to help those who are flying solo with the holiday hosting, I'm acknowledging my limits and handing the reigns over to the pros. Knowing the challenges of organizing and executing a holiday dinner, the good people at Rouxbe Online Cooking School have created a Step-by-Step Holiday Guide to get you through Thanksgiving (or Christmas for that matter).
Gay Lea Butter Basket Winner

[caption id="attachment_4274" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="A winning butter sculpture at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair"][/caption] I'm beginning to suspect the Random Number Generator I use to select winners isn't so random. It has a history of favouring late entries. This  contest is no exception. The winner of...

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair — On stage and off
[caption id="attachment_4247" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Being introduced on stage at The Royal. Note the pristine fingers."][/caption] I left the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair yesterday with a cooking demonstration under my apron, a new friend and a Batman bandage on my right middle finger. Two out of three ain't bad. My cooking demonstration was a team effort. In the background, Andrew operated the point-and-shoot while Heather Travis, Director of Public Relations for the Beef Information Centre, dished trivia and handed out recipes. [caption id="attachment_4249" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Heather Travis keeps things lively while I sear beef."][/caption] Meanwhile, I desperately tried to judge the heat of the pans by listening to sizzling steaks against the cacophony of  PA messages and a cattle auction not 30 feet away. Given the circumstances, things went really well. My proof?
Teat Tweets at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

This is ContrastAmanada. She's an 8-year old Holstein who isn't afraid to milk herself and has her own Twitter feed. I struggle with social media, but with the help of University of Waterloo's Critical Media Lab, a herd of bovines from Buttermine Farms in Brant,...

I’m Cooking Beef at the Royal

Don't say I didn't warn you. You are amongst the first to know. In fact, I haven't even had time to tell my parents yet, so no complaining about the short notice. My news? On Sunday, November 7th at 1 pm, I'm hitting The Entertaining at...

My CTV Appearance

Normally, after I've been on TV, there's a lag between my appearance and me posting the clip. It's a rather complex procedure that requires six technical steps, a good two hours of uninterrupted time and a generous glass of merlot. I swear, I can cook...

GEMS of Gluten-Free Baking Winners

Some days I wish I could be Oprah. I want to point to everyone around me and shout, "And YOU win a book , and YOU win a book, and YOU win a book!" While I normally give away a single book, this week I have...


Where've I been? At the computer having my ego reduced to the size of a shriveled raisin. I decided to tackle video technology. People talk, you slap a few clips together and voila, video! How hard can it be? Very. Oh, sure, video might look like a single benign entity, but it's really a hostile gang in disguise. The camera beat me up while Final Cut stole my lunch money and Vimeo gave me a wedgie. The audio just stood by and laughed.

Before sending my pride to the emergency room for stitches, I spent two Saturdays in Toronto's famed Distillery District. I wasn't wandering the cobblestone streets, sampling the artisanal fair or hobnobbing with celebrities at TIFF. Nope, I had the audacity to think I was up to learning the craft of multimedia story from the internationally acclaimed, multiple-award-winning photo journalist, Brent Foster. While Brent  introduced us to the concepts of wide, medium and tight shots, various software components and the importance of audio, the best piece of advice he could give us was, "Fail!"

So I did.

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