Red and Orange

This was a week of firsts, and it's only Tuesday. Yesterday, I saw a two adult cardinals teaching a fledgling to fly. At first I wondered how anyone can live for more than four decades without witnessing this event. I asked around, and it turns out,...

Morning Coffee

If you're like me, the simple thought of food first thing in the morning makes your toes curl and stomach lurch. I'm sure this is my body's way of keeping me away from the fridge before I'm awake enough to tell the difference between milk...

Gone Fishing

Sorry folks, I'm heading out of town for a much needed trek up north with a friend. We're heading to her parents' cottage which is nestled in a well-wooded, lakefront cell phone-dead zone. No phone, no TV, no computers. And that means no blog until...

Food – the universal language

I used to teach adult ESL classes and regardless of the students' ethnicity, age or gender, food was the run away favourite theme. The mandatory units on driving often fell short since not everyone had a car or license. For some families, banking was a...

Maxed out

What does it say about me that for my birthday my husband got me a wine pump, a travel-inspired cook book and four slabs of gourmet dark chocolate? He may not be romantic, but he knows me so well. But then again, I'm pretty easy to...

The Late Great Chef Lindsay

This is a photo of my late uncle Lindsay. When he died last December I had no idea he would return to me in the hazy smoke of the barbecue grill. After all, my strongest memories of him involve his annual post-dinner Christmas snooze on...

Calamari Convert

People are strange. Some won't taste anything new, even if everyone around is raving about it. Others are so adventuresome you wonder if they're really that open-minded or lost a bet. I find it reassuring when I meet someone who's willing to try something, but...

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