Hell-O Jell-O

Vacations often present unanticipated adventures. En route to Baltimore, we went through Le Roy, NY and just had to stop at the Jell-O Museum. I was expecting a Disney-style tribute to "America's most famous dessert" but instead found an intimate, intriguing display as unassuming as...

Mouth-Watering Baltimore

Having survived the carnivorous wisteria, I'm heading out of town on a roadtrip. Although my domestic accomplice says we're going to Baltimore to see the Jays play the Orioles, I know the true reason for our 10-hour jaunt is he's dying to see The National...

Plant Food

When I transplanted my beautiful but invasive chameleon plant into containers this weekend, I was surprised by its spicy aroma -- hints of cilantro and lemon. Invigorated by the fragrance, I briefly considered its culinary potential, but still stinging from my failed bee balm tea,...

Tuscan Whole Milk

Okay, now I've seen everything. Amazon is selling milk. As if movies, videos, books, and gifts weren't enough, they've moved into groceries. Even with overnight delivery, you've gotta wonder how fresh it will be when it arrives at your doorstep. Whether or not digital dairy orders...

Bottoms Up

I'm contemplating beverage relief from this tenacious heatwave. I know that water is the best thing for me right now, but have guzzled so much I make sloshing noises when I walk. In keeping with my strict don't drink and write policy, I'll forego the...

Kitchen Nightmares

Sometimes I wonder if the people who code the settings for spam filters have large portions of their life savings invested in pharmaceutical companies. Why else would I be deluged with Viagra ads while legitimate e-mails from editors are directed to the junk box? I ranted...


I just installed the latest Mac OS system and decided to check out a new-to-me feature called Dashboard. Its sole purpose is to provide me with widgets. Lots and lots and lots of widgets. "What are widgets?" you may ask (as I did). According to...

Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are truly upon us. Yesterday's record-breaking high brought air so thick and humid I felt like I was cloaked in a steaming, wet towel. It was the sort of day Noel Coward referred to when he wrote, "Mad dogs and...

Sangria Slushie

It's stinking hot here and only going to get worse. The weather report predicts a high of 35C (95F). Factor in the humidity and the term "unbearably hot" applies. At this point, numbers cease to have relevance. You can't tell whether your skin's clammy with...

Cookbook Dilemma

I was at the bookstore with my husband the other day and he pulled a gorgeous cookbook from the shelf. It was the follow-up to the one he gave me two Christmases ago. The one that is so beautiful I feel I should wear gloves...

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