Scrambled or fried

I'm not sure which style of egg best describes my brain recently, but I've been anything but sunny-side up. Between an increased workload, a wide range of social commitments and a garden that has decided to defy its "low maintenance" label, something had to give....

Adjusting to technology

I must learn to be patient with gadgets. When I made the leap from an electric to gas stove, the shift wasn't seamless, despite my culinary skills. I burned the first few dishes and overcompensated by undercooking the next. Forgetting the open flame, I even...

Dead post

Well, I just spent an hour writing up a post on Worth the Wait Crepe Suzettes. Somewhere between the preview and the post it disappeared. Since I'm off to Quebec for the weekend to learn how to snowboard, I'll keep you in suspense...

Recipe Rat

My ratatouille recipe's gone AWOL, but a few minutes ago I pulled a pink index card from my knitting bag with the ingredients for sweet potato casserole scribbled on it -- no title or instructions, just ingredients. I was looking for my tape measure but...

The Cure for Cardboard Tomatoes and Plastic Peas

Fellow blogger Jodi DeLong posted a comment the other day that got me thinking. She mentions that this time of year truly fresh veggies are hard to come by. "Locally grown" produce can be shipped from anywhere within a 24-hour drive (and we all know...

The Ghost of Hallowe’en Past

This is a photo of me and my father in costume back in 1967. We were in period dress to celebrate Canada's 100th birthday, but since I couldn't find a photo of me as a kid at Hallowe'en, it'll have to do. My point is,...

Microwave Haute Couture

The basic way we cook hasn't changed much since our cave dwelling ancestors charred mammoth steaks over an open fire. Modern gas barbecues and electric ovens still apply heat externally to the food in question, cooking the item from the outside in. Depending on the...

Foot-in-mouth Syndrome

I just came back from a weekend away in Stratford (Ontario, not England). Andrew and I decided a short getaway would be just the thing to celebrate 4 years' of marriage and my new gig as a travel and food writer (which explains why I've...

Move over KFC

What's for supper tonight? Digital Fried Chicken. Being a professional foodie isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Sure, I get to play in the kitchen, impress my hungry friends with the results and get paid for it. I can legitimately business expense cookbooks, food...

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