The Kitchen God

My essay, The Kitchen God, is today's Facts & Arguments essay in the Globe and Mail. In it, I recount learning to bake at my mother's elbow. Thanks Mom. I owe you. Love, Charmian Update: The article is no longer available online for free. For copyright reasons I won't...

A Caffeine-Inspired Tour of Kingston

I'm telling this story out of order. I was so excited about my new perfectly engineered caffettiera from Oderin's, I forgot the before and after parts. It was cold, as Kingston is in winter. How cold? Ice sculptures and outdoor rink cold. If the above photo...

I’m toast!

I officially surrender. There are no decent blog templates out there for foodies. At least not ones that work with Blogger. So, forget the fancy-shmancy photo-rich layouts with their elegant colours and layered backgrounds. No faux-leather sidebars and ultra-chic label clouds for this technically inept blogger....

That was easy – almost too easy

Well, Christie's Corner has a new look and it all went off without a hitch. My first thought was "That was easy!" but I'm now a bit nervous. I just know I missed something. Something really obvious or really important -- like I've misspelled my...

Shaking things up

There's only so much winter food can cure. Hearty soups, exotic curries and rich desserts take my palate around the world, but my eyes still hunger for variety. I'm tired of looking out the window at the same white landscape and naked trees. I'm tired...

Shrove Tuesday

Shake up the old Batter Blaster. It's Shrove Tuesday. This means there's pancakes for supper and no one will stop you from having seconds or even thirds. In some circles, it's even encouraged -- but be warned. They'll take gorging as a sign you intend...

I can’t believe they’re not chicken wings

Kinda ugly, aren't they? Despite their somewhat dubious looks, these are a tasty and unexpected compromise for the chicken wing battle that wages in our house. My husband loves chicken wings. Their high-fat, low-meat ratio makes them a less than healthy snack. He likes the...

They’re more than just mugs

Since I showed you my messy office yesterday, I thought I should offer proof that I'm not a complete slob. That job's already taken. This is my mug collection. I took the photo a few minutes ago and didn't stage the shot. This is how it...

Time flies

* Update: This post went out prematurely and incomplete due to a disconnect between my brain and Blogger software. After some cursing and ineffective threats to my monitor, I finished the post. It should make sense now. I don't know where today went. Last time I...

January’s Official Duties

I'm hopelessly behind in my culinary duties. One trip to FoodReference.com and I'm in a tizzy. Who knew one month could be responsible for so much? You'd think January would be given light duties having carried in the new year. But no. If your birthstone...

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