The future of toast?

According to Inventables, the think tank behind the transparent toaster pictured above, if their R&D team can figure out a way to get the glass hot enough, you'll never be surprised by singed crusts again. I see two flaws in this plan. One: They assume people in...

Hiding Spaces

Today's lesson: Smart husbands hide the chocolate stash out in the open. Can you see the two packages of Lindt? The spines says,"Dark chocolate with pieces of orange and almond slivers." Neither could I -- at first. Very clever of Andrew to store them amidst textbooks...

Listen to Your Mother

Today's lesson: Paring knives aren't good for opening jars of olives. The good news: The doctor says the puncture wound to my sister's left hand did only minor nerve damage. Nerves heal at a rate of 1mm a day, so she should be back to normal...

Never assume

Today's lesson: If you lend cookware to a cat owner, always wash it upon return. Just because all traces of food have been removed doesn't necessarily mean it's clean....

Green with Coffee Roasting Envy

Turn that frown upside down, White- Westinghouse Popper. Thanks to Carolyn Erikson, her coffee roasting husband and my inability to toss things out in a timely fashion, you've been granted a stay of execution. Today, while reading Carolyn's detailed blog post, I learned we don't have...

Compliments and Coffee

The blog-a-day challenge has forced me to try RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. I've never quite understood their appeal and always opted for email subscriptions. The inbox method was easy when I only followed a couple of blogs. Now that I'm keeping tabs on more...

Breakfast blues

According to the Food Substitution Bible, butterscotch ripple ice cream is not a suitable stand-in for raspberry yogurt. There goes my breakfast plan. An hour after the latte hits my system I'm ready to eat. Plain organic yogurt, some unsweetened berries and a high-fibre, protein-rich cereal...

Ode to Blu Tack

I've already shown you my ugly duckling recipe binder with sheet protectors. This plain but practical system keeps my printouts and magazine clippings under control. But what about the hundreds of old-fashioned recipe cards I've collected over the decades? I keep promising myself I'll transfer...

Umbra PortoChef Recipe Album

After my first Umbra disappointment, I was skeptical of their PortoChef Recipe Album. Promotional photos and reality don't often jibe in my world. I love the concept. Its 26 plastic sleeves wipe clean and hold computer printouts or magazine clippings, both of which I have in...

Picture Dictionary of Wonderful Words

In the Social Studies page of yesterday's Globe and Mail, Michael Kesterton mentioned Christopher Foyle's collection of all-but-lost words. I was delighted to see that more than half of the sample pulled from Foyle's Philavery: A Treasury of Unusual Words could be put to immediate...

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