I was wrong

When I went to Wisconsin, I was expecting little more than fish and cheese. The swiveling, 3-foot mechanical mouse at Green Bay Airport did little to dissuade me. It offered a platter of cheese to passersby. I didn't stop to see if the cheese was...


It's Tuesday, so I'm blogging at the Accidental Hedonist. Today I'm posting an unusual recipe for lavender sorbet inspired by a trip to Texas of all places. The photo is of the lavender blooming in my front garden. Pretty as a picture and good enough to...

Happy 4th of July

Canada and the US share many things, like Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes and the inability to understand what the French see in Jerry Lewis. Apple pie is another commonality. Yet, despite its place alongside motherhood and baseball, this particular dessert has never symbolized America to...

True Love

Today's Lesson: Small gestures speak loudest. Andrew had to leave extra early one morning. While he didn't want to wake me, still wanted to make my morning coffee. When I stumbled downstairs an hour or so later, I found this. He was so tired he wrote on...

Happy Canada Day!

Or Happy Dominion Day if you're my husband. He hauls this t-shirt out every July 1st and stomps about the house in it explaining how Canada's the first "Dominion" and we should revel in it, not ignore it. Living with an historian comes in handy...

For George

Half way between high-tech and high-art, I met the ghost of George Carlin. I snapped this photo on Friday at MeMe's Cafe in New Hamburg, Ontario, a small town between Kitchener-Waterloo, (home of the BlackBerry®) and Stratford (home to Canada's Shakespearean Festival). Amidst cheese scones,...

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Food is a four-letter word beginning with "f". Unfortunately, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has embraced the other f-word and the Aussies are none too impressed. According to Reuters, Ramsay's love of the f-bomb has single-handedly pushed Australia's parliament to consider tightening up their cussing policies...

More garlic tips

Photo © by iLoveButter, published under a Creative Commons License. Seems you can teach an old(ish) dog new tricks. Thanks to a recent comment posted by Dana McCauley, cookbook author, chef and food blogger, I learned a new use for my microplane. While I knew it...

Garlic Pro Chopper doesn’t cut it

Garlic. While we love to eat it, we will go to great lengths not to touch it. You can buy rubber tubes that peel the cloves with a roll of the palm, presses that crush the pulp with a mere squeeze, and even pint-sized mandolins...

Haiku Kitchen

I wrote my ode to blu tack before I knew about the Haiku Diaries. In this daily blog two authors, Rachel Dickinson and Jenna Schnuer, write about their lives, and readers post comments -- all in haiku. I normally don't like poetry, but there's something...

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