When Katharine gave me this lovely Asian-inspired bowl for my birthday, I envisioned using it for something like this: I carefully placed it in on the living room window ledge imagining how wonderful it would look brimming with Empire apples. I intended to bring steaming mounds...

Rouxbe Tuesday

It's back to school for me. Fortunately, I won't be needing to pack a lunch since I'm taking classes online with Rouxbe. I blogged about this at Accidental Hedonist today but am mentioning it again here since a) I couldn't figure out how to insert a...

More Than You’ll Ever Need to Know About Me

My husband complains that since I started blogging, we have no more undocumented meals. This is me at my mother's house on Thanksgiving. I arrived with a pie in either hand and my Sony Cybershot slung around my neck. Guess he's right. Sorry dear, as long...

Follow Me

Apparently a blog is no longer enough. Want more? Join my Facebook group. Follow me on Twitter. Get LinkedIn I don't know about you, but that's more than enough social networking for me. See you in the comments section....

Contact Me

I can be reached via email at: charmian [at] charmian-christie [dot] com Sorry to make you type it out, but otherwise the spam is a killer. ...

Labour Day

It's a holiday. Turn off the computer and go outside. Photo © Gaetan Lee, published under a Creative Commons License....

Lunch Box Blues

Dana McCauley's statement in yesterday's comments section got me thinking. She's right. The listeria issue is likely making parents think twice about luncheon meats. But with peanut butter and nuts banned in most schools, what's left? Dana suggested tuna and egg salad but unrefrigerated mayonnaise...

Grocery Scare

The horrifying listeria outbreak is all over the news. Since I don't eat or buy cold meats, I didn't think much about it. Until I went grocery shopping today and this was taped to the automatic doors. Makes it hard to ignore. Then I went to...

Animal Radio – Take Your Pet to Work

You never know where an article will lead. Thanks to her excellent story in the Globe and Mail, Kira Vermond will be discussing animals in the workplace this Saturday with Animal Radio. This syndicated program runs on 95 stations throughout the US. But don't worry,...

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