Happy Hallowe’en

I've never embraced the spooky side of Hallowe'en. Perhaps that's because my mother always dressed me as a clown. That's me as a 3-year-old Chuckles. Sorry it's so grainy. It's taken from a 40-plus-year-old roll of 8mm film. For my Hallowe'en post, I debated reviewing Vincent...

Cure alls

When I was a child I had a very bad case of the mumps. Certain I wouldn't survive, I lay on the couch and did my five-year-old best to contemplate death. I don't recall any profound thoughts beyond "Ow, this really hurts." At the end of...

Squash and Maple Soup

I am in debt to readers. Erik of Homemade Soup Recipes wondered if my Scottish Lentil Soup would taste good without onions. Confused by his question, I reviewed my recipe and realized I'd omitted a key ingredient. The single most popular post on my blog and...

It’s Soup Week

I know you didn't actually give me an mandate to blog about soup for an entire week, but we're heading into soup season and I wasn't sure how to cover Thai, French and Indian cuisine another way. So, this week, I'll be cooking up some slurpy...

Double Dipping

What do an Inuksuk and Balvenie Doublewood have in common? Normally not much. But this Inuksuk's made of homemade shortbreads, a Scottish treat, and Balvenie is...


We're having a spectacular autumn here. The trees have turned every fall shade imaginable, from lemon yellow to bright pumpkin, rusty paprika to deep crimson. And when the sun catches them at the right angle, they look like they're on fire. I've snapped a hundred...

Mission Accomplished

The gratitude continues. Thanks to Phil, lead guitarist for Sack of Yams and fellow apple enthusiast, we got the heads up that our orchard of choice was overrun with Thanksgiving Day pickers. Good for the apple growers, bad for impatient people like me. Unwilling to...

Gone Apple Pickin’

For real this time. Others, who can be trusted with this kind of thing, called to confirm the orchard: has apples conducts apple picking is open today Chudleigh's, here we come!...


Yesterday I had Dana worried I was cooking up penguins. Anyone else wonder if I'd lost my locavore leanings as well as my mind? Looking back I realized I've posted a few odd animal shots this week. Continuing the trend and hoping to pass it off...

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