NaNoWriMo Winner

Sorry this post is so late. I wrote 15,000 words in three days and my brain got scared and hid under the sofa. I managed to coax it out with hot coffee and sweet snacks. But it's still mad at me. By now some of you are...

Gifts for Cooks — Rouxbe

Now that American Thanksgiving is over, I feel I can address Christmas without rushing things too much. Over the next few weeks I'll be looking at gifts for people who love to cook. Now I realize that buying a suitable present for a fussy foodie can...

Stove Shopping — What I Learned

Yesterday, I went stove shopping. Many hours and several stores later, I learned: Very few manufacturers make 24" gas stoves. Those who do make bare-bones models. You have your choice of white, white, white or white. Today, I went shopping again and learned: ...

Stove Shopping

Charmian can't come to the blog right now. She's out looking for a new stove. Here's her I-might-as-well-blow-the-wad wish list. How many features do you think she'll actually get? Remember, she's going for a 24" natural gas model, not a standard 30", and had to surrender...

What Type Are You?

The internet is full of time-wasting tools I can pretend pertain to my work. Last year, thanks to the Gender Genie, I learned I write masculine columns and feminine blog posts. No matter which on-line version of Myers-Briggs I take, I'm always an ENFP. This not...

Homemade wins hands down

You guys are the best! I knew my brain was functioning on emergency battery backup when I posted my nowhere-near-100 top list. Brownies?! How'd I miss that? And what was I thinking when I listed sugar cookies? Oatmeal chocolate chip are waaaaayy better. And no mention...

My Own Top List

I've been thinking about that VGT top 100 list. Hmmm. Life's too short for Hostess fruit pies and McDonald's. I don't need to eat endangered species or items worthy of Fear Factor. So I comprised my own list of items that carried an emotional punch...

Globe and Mail Facts & Arguments Essay

In a blatant act of self-promotion, I'm sending you to read my essay in the Globe and Mail in lieu of blogging. It's not funny. It's not about food. It's 850 words about raking leaves. And I'm still sorry....

Out of ideas

I've written and rewritten this post a dozen times. I had too many things to talk about and nothing to say. Having already paid tribute to The American Election on Accidental Hedonist earlier today, I wasn't sure what to post here. I know from all the...

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