Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday. Since I'm Canadian I observe Boxing Day. I'll be busy polishing off the left-over trifle at breakfast and visiting with family. No shopping. No bargain hunting. Just a day of socializing. In many ways Boxing Day is better...

Last Minute Gifts for Cooks

Left things to the last minute? Whether the stores are closed or the last item on your list is sold out, don't panic. Foodies are easy to please. All you need is a connection to the Internet -- and if you're reading this you have....

Christmas Baking — Lemon Bars

This family favourite is the ultimate lemon bar. I wrote about these last year after we extensively taste-tested several variations. Bakers should feel free to click the link to get the recipe. The morbidly curious might be interested in last year's post to see the...

Christmas Baking – Ginger Cookies

Note to self: Put the camera cable back where it belongs if you don't want to spend the morning looking for the only piece of equipment in the house that will transfer photos to your computer. Sigh...

Photography poll

Last year one of my resolutions was to add photos to the blog. I blithely promised quantity not quality. This year, I'm hoping to address both. Frustrated by the limitations of my current camera, I'm upgrading soon to an SLR and am working on improving various...

Gifts for Student Cooks – Magic Spicer

My first apartment had two small above-the-counter cupboards. The one within easy reach barely housed the hand-me-down dinnerware I'd inherited from a family friend and the 70s-amber drinking glasses that had once been my grandparents'. The other cupboard was wedged in a corner battling the...

Gifts for Cooks — Mini Whisk

Earlier I promised a gift that a child could afford. The tiny whisk on the bottom right comes in at less than $1.00. It's cute, it's compact and it's amazingly useful. These baby whisks are irresistible. Last year I received three for Christmas. While I only...

Gifts for Cooks — Ginger Grater

If the kitchen were on fire, which isn't that far fetched an idea given our history, this is one of the items I'd grab. My mom gave me this navy blue ceramic ginger grater for Christmas a couple of years ago and I've used it at...

Who Grooved my Cheese?

Why is this block of cheddar wearing ear buds? It's listening to All You Need is Cheese, a series of podcasts about Canadian cheese. Fermented curd connoisseur, Ian Jones, criss-crosses our vast country talking to "artisans, experts and cheese lovers from coast to coast." Whether...

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