Homemade Yogurt

My supermarket infuriates me. I'd just recently given them a brownie point for finally stocking locally grown garlic instead of the ubiquitous, dried out, flavourless bulbs from China. And now I'm taking it right back again for never having my favourite plain organic yogurt in stock. Trip...

Anti-theft lunch bags

These clear anti-theft lunch bags come pre-printed with fake mold to deter light-fingered coworkers. Do I file this under Now I've Seen Everything or Another Reason Not to Miss Office Life? ...

Caramel Clarification

My astute friend Jodi DeLong pays far too much attention to detail. Not only is she an avid gardener, crack photographer and professional writer, she has a memory like a Venus Fly Trap. To my chagrin, Jodi remembers something I posted back in July, 2006. In...

Upside Down Eater

Somedays. I'm an upside down eater. Couldn't face breakfast this morning before the dentist's. Came home cavity-free and had leftover dinner for lunch. Then at 6:00 this evening I chowed down on a bowl of yogurt and berries topped with homemade granola. Anyone else have days...

It Snowed Again

This is my mailbox. I have not used Photoshop or taken the picture at a tricky angle to enhance the effect. I have not given nature a helping hand or rearranged the snowfall in any way. This is how much snow fell the other day. This...

Keeping Brown Sugar Soft Never Looked So Good

Doesn't look like much does it? You can't tell from the photo above, but this clay brown sugar disk above is a work of art. Not only is it one of my favourite Christmas gifts because of the way it looks, I love it because it keeps...

More About Chef’s Knives

This picture shows two things. One: I need to use hand cream more often. And Two: The curved finger position that's essential when using sharp knives. You know this already. I know you do. I bet if I asked you how to position the hand that...

Chef Knives

I have a confession to make. Although I know intellectually that a good set of knives is a cook's most valuable tool, until recently I used cheap ones. Really dull, cheap ones. A good decade ago, I bought a knife set based on laziness convenience and...

Happy New Year and My Resolutions for 2009

I'm stunned. After a quick look back at my promises, I can announce to the world that I actually kept last year's blog resolutions. I delivered cookbook reviews, shared my thoughts on more than 20 culinary gadgets and included a photo in every post. Even...

Burr Grinders

Coffee Boy got a burr grinder for Christmas -- a mid-range Krups GVX2-12. While this little gadget will not get its own weekly serial, as did last year's whisky aging kit, it definitely earned its racy model number. Confession time: I thought a burr grinder was...

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