Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom Winner

Dine-O-Matic does it again. This time KJB, aka Kathryn from Toronto, won the copy of Julia's Kitchen Wisdom. Kathryn, email me at charmian [dot] christie [at] gmail.com with your mailing address and I'll get you your copy. Her tip? It's right up my alley. Kathryn wrote: My...

Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom

When I posted my question about the emotional allure of Julie & Julia, a couple of people commented that a book giveaway might be welcomed. But Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a two-volume set consisting of more than 500 recipes and 1400...

Julie and Julia — The Emotional Allure

By the time I finally saw Julie & Julia on Monday, the media had used every food metaphor in existence to write countless reviews and dozens of behind the scenes stories. Some criticized Julie Powell's year-long experiment, others lauded Powell for giving food bloggers a...

Grazing Winner

It seems Dine-O-Matic likes late entries. Last time, Elizabeth from Stevensville slipped her name in with minutes to spare and walked away with prize. This time the winner turned out to be the penultimate entry (and it's not often I can work that word into...

The Cat’s Out of the Bag and Into My Light Box

I can't keep a secret to save my soul. It's not that I intentionally blab news for the adrenaline rush of gossip. I just don't have the filter to keep a lid on certain information. One Christmas, with just a single present left by the...

Eating Local – The US Version

A while ago I posted an eye-opening video about the realities of just how non-local most of our food has become. The video, produced by Hellmann's mayonnaise, used Canadian statistics and references. While I'm not a mayo fan, their Eat Real Eat Local program makes...

How to Cook Rice — Reader’s Question

When I held the contest for Dana's Top Ten Table giveaway, I asked you to post your dinner dilemmas and promised to answer them all. So far, Dana has answered 10 of your most pressing questions in a podcast (don't panic, I'm going to be...

Recipe Index, Printable Recipes and More

If you subscribe by RSS feed you're likely wondering what possessed me to update a whack of posts. I'm not just a glutton for attention. I've been slogging through the tedious task of fulfilling my promise of providing a recipe index and printable recipes. The mission...

Garlic Scapes — Ideas Needed

This pointy, off-white thingy is a garlic scape. Left to its own devices, it will flower. Once removed, it forces the bulb to grow bigger and drives chefs mad. Apparently, these puppies are a hot commodity. I had no idea what a scape was when I...

Too Clever By Half — And a Poll

I outsmarted myself the other day. After months of hemming, hawing and finding new ways to procrastinate, I finally posted my Pitch Policy. For those who aren't familiar with this term, it's an outline of my policies and review practices to help PR reps send...

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