Cookie Cutters — Holiday Gift Idea

My mother is a saint. Either that or insane. The letters are similar and the outcome's the same, so I'm going with saint. What did she do? When I was a child, my mother not only allowed but outright encouraged an annual cookie decorating party. We'd come...

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair – Walk with the Animals

Sometimes I fail as a food blogger. While I attended the Canadian Culinary Book Awards at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair last Friday, surrounded by award winning cookbook authors and the biggest names in Canadian Cuisine, my camera sat safely in the media room. And...

Taste of Canada Winner

In past giveaways, Dino-O-Matic loved late entries. Seems Random.Org does too. Commenter number 24, Karen B and her Sunday night entry, wins a copy of Rose Murray's A Taste of Canada courtesy of Whitecap Publishing. If I'd been thinking, I'd have had Rose sign the book...

Royal Winter Fair

I'm off to the Royal Winter Fair for the next two days. Can't guarantee I'll see Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla but am bound to see sheep, chickens and a whole herd of cookbook authors. Do cookbook authors come in herds? Or prides? Regardless, I'm hobnobbing with...

Cookbook Giveaway: Taste of Canada

Often, when I'm busy doing one thing, a totally unrelated thought will slam into my brain. This happens to me so often in the shower, I actually bought a diving slate to jot down my ideas should inspiration strike while I'm under the hot spray. Well,...

Rouxbe and Scrambled Eggs

Back in June, I asked you to give me your dinner dilemmas as part of the Dana's Top Ten Table giveaway. And the cries of frustrations that echoed through the comments section bordered on deafening.  No time, out of ideas, fussy eaters and inconsistent results...

My CTV Appearance

As promised, here is the video clip of my recent TV appearance. I'm talking to Kyle Christie (no relation) about two quick and easy apple recipes for the local CTV station and trying not to sever a finger with a brand-new, razor sharp peeler. Talking...

Clarifications, Comments and a Call to Action

Christie's Corner has been at this new site for more than a week now and I'm still ironing out kinks. I changed a couple of things and it seems to have confused people. Allow me to clarify. Printing Recipes: You might notice that recipes posted since...

Happy 7th Anniversary

[caption id="attachment_1223" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Charmian and Andrew - October 5, 2002"][/caption] Break out the Gold Bond powder 'cause any second I'm gonna start itching like a monkey on a fuzzy tree. Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. Not bad for a card-carrying carnivore and a former vegetarian. What's...

Christie’s Corner gets a make-over

Don't go! You're in the right place. This is Christie's Corner. It's just got a new address and a new look. I'll still be serving up recipes.  Andrew will still be trying to burn down the kitchen. And the cats? Well, they still have a mind...

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