Canadian Clanger by The Messy Baker
Canadian Clanger

Ignore the standard dictionary. It will tell you a clanger is a blunder, a mistake, and a conspicuous one at that. This pastry is anything but a dud. It’s a riff on an old-fashioned Bedfordshire Clanger, a long hand pie stuffed with spiced meat on...

Chocolate or Vanilla

I’m often asked which I like best, chocolate or vanilla. To me it’s not an either or option. I love them both and to prove it,  I’m on air at two stations today talking chocolate at one and vanilla at the other. Thanks to pre-taping you...

The Messy Baker by Charmian Christie
The Messy Baker e-Book Sale

It’s February. It’s dull. It’s cold. Just how are you going to cope? With a platter of Smokey Mushroom Crepes? A Deep Dark Cherry Chipotle Brownie the size of your palm? Or maybe a stack of old-fashioned Chewy Ginger Cookies? How about ALL of my recipes? For...

Monica Bhide and The Devil in Us

I am ambivalent about labels. They’re (usually) handy if you want to know if your shirt needs dry cleaning or how much fibre your bran cereal contains. They are less useful when applied to humans.  In fact, I’d argue they are misleading. I’ve known Monica Bhide for several...

Rhubarb-raspberry ice cream by The Messy Baker/
Rhubarb-Raspberry Ice Cream

Remember the colour wheel from Grade 6 art class where you learned that blue and orange were complementary colours and if you mixed them together you got icky khaki brown? Eventually, you or the evil genius in the next row figured out all the complementary...

Rhubarb-Raspberry Loaf and Muffins by The Messy Baker
Rhubarb-Raspberry Loaf and Muffins

Everything’s behind schedule. The spring bulbs, the roses, the fruit. And me. Especially me. While I chastise myself for tardiness, I’m actually pleased that Mother Nature is dragging her earth-encrusted feet. Here it is, almost July, and I’m harvesting armloads of rhubarb with leaves as...

Beer Batter Orange Crepes

This post will come as a surprise to those who know me. I'm not a beer drinker. Yet here I am creating a recipe using ale. Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA to be precise. Why? Because I was asked. And they specifically wanted a dessert,...

Some of the items I baked using my stand mixer.
KitchenAid Winner

[caption id="attachment_8874" align="alignnone" width="402"] Some baked goods courtesy of my stand mixer.[/caption] I asked, you answered. What KitchenAid colour are you? Based on the KitchenAid colourology quiz, red was popular. We had Boysenberry, several Empire Reds, Glossy Cinnamon and even a couple of Persimmons. On the more reserved side,...

KitchenAid Stand Mixer_Empire Red
Giveaway: KitchenAid Stand Mixer

[box style="rounded" border="full"]Update: Contest is closed, but you can still take the quiz![/box] Oh, I'm so jealous. I'm not eligible for this prize. KitchenAid is kindly providing a stand mixer as a giveaway to one lucky reader. A stand mixer! Do you have any idea how...

Flying Blind

I'm flying blind here. And I'm being about as literal as you can get. Due to technical reasons far beyond my comprehension, when I write a blog post the text is invisible. You can read this because it somehow rights itself once posted to the...

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