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Crostoli dusted with icing sugar

Crostoli or Frappe du Carnaval

It’s Shrove Tuesday and everyone’s flipping pancakes and frying fritters. Me? I’m trying my hand at crostoli — a crispy, fried dough so light it’s almost like you’re not eating. Variations appear throughout Europe with different names and different shapes, but the distinctive blistered dough is unmistakable. And impossible to resist. I always thought of […]

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Chewy Oatmeal Cookies by

My Favourite Oatmeal Cookies

I dread the old-lady grey days of winter. With no horizon to steady my gaze, the relentless expanse of white makes me anxious. I drift in time as unpredictable storms ignore the calendar and scoff at the groundhog. As the colourless land and sky merge into a seamless stretch of frost, I feel trapped in […]

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Zdena's Walnut Crescent Cookies, a classic Czech treat —

Zdena’s Walnut Crescent Cookies

The Canadian Food Experience Project – The Christmas Edition – Walnut Crescent Cookies In our family, Christmas changes little, year to year. Once the New Year arrives and the decorations are packed away, all Christmases Past roll together into a single, hazy holiday scenario to be repeated next year. There are goodies, and a tree […]

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