Six Degrees of Separation Black Bean Salad

Cilantro is one of those herbs that you either love or hate. My best friend says it tastes like soap, which it doesn't -- and believe me, I should know (see my post on Turkish Delight). While I could eat it by the handful and...

Rainy Day Oatmeal Cookies

It's raining here today and whenever we get one of those grey, nothing-but-drizzle days, I want to bake. Nothing healthy. Nothing fancy. Just something old-fashioned and down-to-earth. According to my mother, I come by this impulse honestly. Apparently, my grandmother hated the rain and on...

green beans1
Basil and Walnut Green Beans

I've always had firm opinions about food. Even as a child you couldn't trick me into eating tinned corn. Frozen was fine, fresh even better, but it if came from a can, I'd have nothing of it. Peas were just as bad -- in any...

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