From Scratch Moroccan Chicken

I'm not a particularly patient person, which is why some people are amazed that I take the time to cook from scratch. Well, if the powers that be made better convenience foods, I might reconsider, but currently, that's not an option. Most tinned or pre-packaged...

Tuscan Sausages

I was looking through some old family recipes and noticed how short they were. The instructions, and sometimes even the amounts given for the ingredients, assumed you know how to make the dish. These recipes served mainly to prod the memory, not teach. Unlike the...

Good Neighbour Zucchini Bisque

My neighbour gave me a pint of butter yellow beans plucked from her garden about a half hour ago. I'm ashamed to say this act of generosity brought out my selfish streak as I briefly considered gobbling the entire batch for lunch by myself. Not...

Best not to ask

People who love sausage and people who believe in justice should never watch either of them being made. -- Otto von Bismarck Sometimes it's best not to know what you're eating. I wouldn't be a calamari convert had I been able to read the menu that...

Viva Italia

No one in our neighbourhood could have missed the fact that Italy won the World Cup yesterday. We live a couple of blocks from the Italian-Canadian Club who were hosting their Italian Festival during the soccer finals. The horn honking and flag waving started almost...

Aren’t We Lucky?

Last month I had the opportunity to chat with an elderly British woman who knew my grandfather. He was stationed overseas in England during the war and used to lodge with her family when on leave. Mrs. Dodd remembered him fondly, not just for his...

Pancakes in The Patio

Tomorrow is Canada Day and my family usually gathers sometime during the long weekend for a tradition we call Pancakes in The Patio. As the title suggests, we get together and eat pancakes. On the patio. In fact, we make the pancakes on the patio....

Prize-Winning Butter Tarts

My last couple of posts have been rant based, so it's time to sweeten things up a bit. And there's nothing sweeter than good old fashioned butter tarts. Apparently, this decadent treat is a Canadian classic. Only in Canada, eh? Pity!This recipe won my mom...

Going bananas

I'm not a banana fan. They're so pushy. Put them in fruit salad and they will smother every ingredient but cantaloupe. They leap from peanut butter sandwiches just to annoy you, and will slime-up a perfectly decent cream pie. Banana splits force unwanted nutrition upon...

Anything Goes

I really should keep better notes. This recipe came from a friend. Not sure which one. It's been spilled on and rewritten so many times I can't even vouch that the ingredients match the original. No matter, this quick and tasty marinade is versatile and...

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