Peel Me a Grape

In the grocery store the other day, I was hit by a distinctive aroma as I passed the produce section. To my delight I saw a large display of concord grapes. While I mourn the end of summer, autumn does offer up persuasive apologies -...

Grammatically Correct Marshmallow Squares

Standing in line at Starbucks waiting to order a latte, I found myself wondering why they don't use the possessive case (really, it should be "Starbuck's"). Since pointing out the error to the barista was unlikely to correct this grammatical faux pas, I distracted myself...

Beau-ootiful Cauliflower Soup

The thermometer outside my office window reads a scant 14C (57F). A week ago, those digits were reversed and we were melting into puddles of gelatinous flesh. While some might be disappointed in the cooler weather, I'm excited by the prospect of Soup Season. Lewis Carol...

That Cake

Yesterday was a Civic Holiday here in Ontario. Since everyone had the day off, my family took the opportunity to celebrate my mother's birthday. I was given the job of bringing dessert. Mom asked me to make a recipe she'd clipped from the paper, and...

Fighting Fire with Fire Green Curry

While North Americans turn to ice-cold drinks in an attempt to counteract this percolating heat, these frosty beverages provide little more than temporary relief and the odd ice cream headache. Perhaps it's time we gave up our flirtation with Freon and trifled with more tropical...

From Scratch Moroccan Chicken

I'm not a particularly patient person, which is why some people are amazed that I take the time to cook from scratch. Well, if the powers that be made better convenience foods, I might reconsider, but currently, that's not an option. Most tinned or pre-packaged...

Tuscan Sausages

I was looking through some old family recipes and noticed how short they were. The instructions, and sometimes even the amounts given for the ingredients, assumed you know how to make the dish. These recipes served mainly to prod the memory, not teach. Unlike the...

Good Neighbour Zucchini Bisque

My neighbour gave me a pint of butter yellow beans plucked from her garden about a half hour ago. I'm ashamed to say this act of generosity brought out my selfish streak as I briefly considered gobbling the entire batch for lunch by myself. Not...

Best not to ask

People who love sausage and people who believe in justice should never watch either of them being made. -- Otto von Bismarck Sometimes it's best not to know what you're eating. I wouldn't be a calamari convert had I been able to read the menu that...

Viva Italia

No one in our neighbourhood could have missed the fact that Italy won the World Cup yesterday. We live a couple of blocks from the Italian-Canadian Club who were hosting their Italian Festival during the soccer finals. The horn honking and flag waving started almost...

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