Breakfast, Canadian Style

Ten-year-old Nicholas and his family are coming to visit from Australia. Being fresh out of Vegemite, I was a bit worried about what to give him for breakfast. While his parents assure me he's easy to feed, after hearing his enthusiastic request for pancakes, I'm...

Ugly Appetizers: Tasty Tapenades

I'm constantly amazed that my tapenade rolls are popular. Yet despite their appearance, they disappear quickly at parties. Frankly, if someone offered me what looked like a flaccid sausage roll with puce coloured filling vomiting from the sides, I'd pass. But good cooks garner faith,...

Lassi Comes Home

While I love Indian food, I always struggled with the accompanying beverage choices. I don't like beer, wine doesn't complement curry (not matter what the wine matching wheel from the LCBO says) and water is just too plebeian for the rich mixture of spices. The...

Ultra-Feminine Pad Thai

I recently stumbled upon a website that claims to analyse writing. Using an elaborate algorithm, it determines the writer's sex. Just plug 500 or more words into The Gender Genie, click "submit" and see if your linguistic skills match your hormones. As usual, I've managed...

Had you worried?

For those of you who know my accident-ridden history, breathe easy. My recent snowboarding venture isn't responsible for my silence. I've just been busy. Very busy. "Doing what?" you say. I'm so glad you asked. If you have a couple of minutes to spare,...

Super Bowl Sunday Scones

No fan of football, I usually spend Super Bowl Sunday hosting a civilized English tea to counteract the intolerable testosterone levels. Relish Magazine liked this idea and published my article, Tea, Anyone? in their current issue. For copyright reasons, I won't post the recipe here, but...

Misnamed Apples

Be careful what you tell children. They will believe you. My husband's mother has a quirky sense of humour and jokingly raised her family on Apple George. Andrew was in university before he found out -- the hard way -- that the rest of the English-speaking...

This blog brought to you by Sesame Street

I love when people think outside the recipe box. Recently, my sister was making butternut squash soup and found it a bit lacking. Don't ask how she went from soup to Sesame Street, but she remembered how each episode was brought to you by a...

Best of Both Worlds

I recently complained that I couldn't think of something savory to serve while I had sweets coming out my wazoo. Well, the following recipe is a bit of both. Sweet brown-sugared whisky over mellow Brie, all bundled into a bite-sized tart. I relate the following story...

Camphor and Carols

Instead of spending the past two weeks downing rum-laced eggnog and doing things to land me firmly on Santa's Naughty list, I've been clutching a bottle of Buckley's and croaking like a frog. Although my fingers were unaffected by the laryngitis, my brain wasn't so...

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