Valentine’s Day Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake

Okay. Everybody owes me five bucks. As predicted, February is indeed Chocolate Month. In fact, my favourite treat gets a tad grabby and lays claim to Celebration of Chocolate as well. Honestly, how's a poor dented shopping cart to compete against the sex appeal of...

Saved by the Brandy Sauce

Ever since the regrettable Blueberry Goo incident, I've avoided slow cooker sweets. However, I recently attended a crockpot potluck supper and was delegated dessert. Not one to let the team down, I stepped up to the challenge. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to...

Perfect Basmati Rice

Sometimes the simplest things stump me. For years, rice was my nemesis. Too sticky, too wet, too mushy. The alternative? Burnt. I couldn't even make Uncle Ben's turn out right. As with my bitter green tea fiasco, when faced with continued failure, I simply stopped...

Oven-Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

The innocent potato has caused more trouble than any other root vegetable in history. It's driven the Irish from their homeland, embarrassed Vice President Dan Quayle (or it it Quayl?) and today lead to the arrest of a 75-year-old grandmother. According to the Clearwater Local6...

Pecan Cheesies – Going, Going, Gone

You'll notice there's no photo with today's recipe. Partly my fault. Partly Andrew's. I've been saving this post for a cold, snowy, winter evening, thinking you'd enjoy a nice savory nibble with a glass of wine or sherry by the fire with friends. Sounds tempting? Well, you'll...

Up to the Challenge Black Bean Salsa

Frankly, I don't know how Mom did it. She kept track of all her children's likes and dislikes, right down to the details of whether we ate our carrots cooked or raw, wanted our toast cut in triangles or sliced into strips, or preferred our...

Simple Scottish Red Lentil Soup — The Messy
Simple Scottish Red Lentil Soup

Mike Meyers once suggested all Scottish cuisine was based on a dare. I can see his point when faced with haggis, congealed oatmeal porridge or rock hard oat cakes. But I'd walk a highland mile for good shortbread, a smooth single malt or piping hot...

Pushing the Organic Envelope

Organic is a real buzz word these days. I've seen organic choco-bears cereal, organic peanut butter cup cookies and admit to indulging in embarrassing amounts of organic chocolate, myself. While all food is technically organic because it contains carbon, people assume if it's bears...

Love It or Leave It Smoked Oyster Dip

With New Years parties just around the corner, I thought I'd provide a recipe that's easy and starts to fulfill my offer to create recipes around your favourite food combinations. Susan Kirk, who claims to be queen of bizarre food pairings, suggested oysters and mascarpone...

Just Right Lemon Bars

In the past, I've confessed to losing recipes. While I've been good about entering "keepers" into my database, when it comes to lemon bars I've got a whole new problem. Oh, I can find the recipe all right. In fact, I can find six variations....

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