Savory Garlic Popcorn

According to the weather reports, a "menacing storm" is moving in this weekend. Even though there's no room to put it, Southern Ontario can welcome another foot of snow. To cope with the impending downfall, I'm adopting the maybe-it-will-go-away school of thought. I'm going to...

Popcorn maker claims are full of hot air

Free to a good home: One sad-sack hot air popcorn maker. In keeping with the previous surprises I've encountered during Gadget Week, my planned review of a garlic mandolin will have to wait. Instead of presenting you with a tasty recipe for garlic and rosemary popcorn,...

Poached Pears and a Fruit Peeler

I don't like pears and I'm not particularly found of black currants, so I was more than a little surprised to find myself creating a recipe where pears and black currant wine feature as main ingredients. Am I crazy? A masochist? No, just terminally curious. When...

A new use for coffee and cocoa

Quick. What is this? Chocolate muffin with sugar sprinkles? An extreme close up of a cocoa rolled truffle? Nope. Guess again. It’s steak. Earlier in the week, The National Post ran an article about adding coffee to a dry rub. Not only did the recipe call for...

Valentine’s Day Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake

Okay. Everybody owes me five bucks. As predicted, February is indeed Chocolate Month. In fact, my favourite treat gets a tad grabby and lays claim to Celebration of Chocolate as well. Honestly, how's a poor dented shopping cart to compete against the sex appeal of...

Saved by the Brandy Sauce

Ever since the regrettable Blueberry Goo incident, I've avoided slow cooker sweets. However, I recently attended a crockpot potluck supper and was delegated dessert. Not one to let the team down, I stepped up to the challenge. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to...

Perfect Basmati Rice

Sometimes the simplest things stump me. For years, rice was my nemesis. Too sticky, too wet, too mushy. The alternative? Burnt. I couldn't even make Uncle Ben's turn out right. As with my bitter green tea fiasco, when faced with continued failure, I simply stopped...

Oven-Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

The innocent potato has caused more trouble than any other root vegetable in history. It's driven the Irish from their homeland, embarrassed Vice President Dan Quayle (or it it Quayl?) and today lead to the arrest of a 75-year-old grandmother. According to the Clearwater Local6...

Pecan Cheesies – Going, Going, Gone

You'll notice there's no photo with today's recipe. Partly my fault. Partly Andrew's. I've been saving this post for a cold, snowy, winter evening, thinking you'd enjoy a nice savory nibble with a glass of wine or sherry by the fire with friends. Sounds tempting? Well, you'll...

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