Champagne and Grapefruit Sorbet

I'm so busted. Yes, I ranted about how you shouldn't buy any kitchen gadget with the word "maker" in it. Yes, I've rabbited on an on about my tiny kitchen. And yes, despite everything I said, I went out and bought a fair-sized electric "maker". An...

Simple Decadence

My mother dropped by the other day with a plate of these. I mined the depths of my culinary discipline to take a photo before gobbling. Of all the simple pleasures, whole, fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate ranks right up there with the first...

Washington Hotel Tart Cherry Crepes

Dietians will tell you tart cherries are bursting with nutrition, but these puppies are packed with so much flavour you'll think about how good they taste, not how good they are for you. I admit, I wasn't much of a tart cherry fan until I...

Basil non-pesto

When I first made Basil and Walnut Green Beans Andrew and I couldn't quite place the familiar taste. Then we realized the dish was very similar to pesto, only without the assault of garlic. While I love pesto, I often avoid it in restaurants since...

Ten-Minute Salmon

I refuse to get all bent out of shape over where this salmon came from or how it was raised. My husband was doing the grocery shopping, saw "wild salmon", thought I'd like it and brought home a piece for me. He doesn't eat anything...

Chocolate Chipotle Brownies

Chocolate and chili is the perfect marriage. Together they make a cockle-warming hot cocoa or a palate-pleasing ice cold gelato. Of course, they're happy to meet half way and be a practical room-temperature chocolate bar, too. They're the backbone of a savory mole sauce and...

Greek Week – Chicken Kopita

I've no idea if there's such a thing as chicken kopita. I just made it up. While I love spanikopita, I find I'm hungry shortly afterwards. So I sometimes slip a slice of chicken breast onto the spinach and feta base before wrapping up the...

Greek Week – Greek yogurt tzatziki

Photo © Wolfgang Staudt, published under Creative Commons License. The first time I ate Greek yogurt, I was having breakfast at a taverna much like the one pictured above. The yogurt was so thick and rich I thought they'd served me sour cream by mistake. If you've...

Greek Week – Herbed Greek Soup

Imagine yourself in the photo above. On first impulse, would you ride the donkey or strip down and swim in the ocean? Or would you rather head to the nearest five-star resort with a book? I have a theory. The way you will enjoy this soup...

Greek Week – Let’s start with dessert

White kitten photo © Charmian Christie I took this shot on the Greek island of Santorini years ago. A blue-eyed white kitten prowled the edge of a whitewashed wall on a cloudless day. Its eyes matched the sky and its fur matched the building. A picture...

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