$112 Cinnamon Ice Cream

This recipe is Cheryl's fault. I tried her cinnamon brownies and because of a mistake on my end, not hers, ended up with a tasty but dry dessert. My solution was to top it off with cinnamon ice cream. Only no one makes cinnamon ice cream...

Vanilla Sugar

If I didn't know what a vanilla pod looked like and I came upon one lying on the counter, I'd bludgeon it with my shoe. How can one of the most wonderful flavours on Earth be housed in a casing that resembles a leathery, black eel?...

Allison’s Idea Ice Cream

Mom asked for lemon cake with raspberry filling for her birthday. Instead, she got a botched coconut layer cake and a new type of ice cream. As the Stones said, you can't always get what you want. In this case, the lyrics applied not just to my...

Chicken Souvlaki

You know you're a food writer when dinner guests bring prepared statements instead of wine. Andrew and his brother had a fine time critiquing the souvlaki meal I served on Sunday. These two would-be Seinfelds delivered their material with wide grins and mouths full. When...

Ice Cream Triple Play

I can't help myself. I'm on an ice cream binge. I will give you a nice, sensible gadget review tomorrow, I promise. But today I'm being a hedonist. And not by accident. Since it's Tuesday, I've posted a classic French-style vanilla ice cream recipe at The...

Champagne and Grapefruit Sorbet

I'm so busted. Yes, I ranted about how you shouldn't buy any kitchen gadget with the word "maker" in it. Yes, I've rabbited on an on about my tiny kitchen. And yes, despite everything I said, I went out and bought a fair-sized electric "maker". An...

Simple Decadence

My mother dropped by the other day with a plate of these. I mined the depths of my culinary discipline to take a photo before gobbling. Of all the simple pleasures, whole, fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate ranks right up there with the first...

Washington Hotel Tart Cherry Crepes

Dietians will tell you tart cherries are bursting with nutrition, but these puppies are packed with so much flavour you'll think about how good they taste, not how good they are for you. I admit, I wasn't much of a tart cherry fan until I...

Basil non-pesto

When I first made Basil and Walnut Green Beans Andrew and I couldn't quite place the familiar taste. Then we realized the dish was very similar to pesto, only without the assault of garlic. While I love pesto, I often avoid it in restaurants since...

Ten-Minute Salmon

I refuse to get all bent out of shape over where this salmon came from or how it was raised. My husband was doing the grocery shopping, saw "wild salmon", thought I'd like it and brought home a piece for me. He doesn't eat anything...

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