Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Oh the irony. The moment I perfect homemade chicken broth I head to bed with sinus congestion and a sneaky case of fatigue. You know the kind -- where you're well enough to feel guilty about lying in bed, but having hauled yourself half way...

Perfect Chicken Stock

Sorry if you were expecting another art shot. I chose this brightly coloured pottery bowl to illustrate how clear chicken stock should be, not tantalize you with a new soup. I have a confession. Until recently, I didn't understand the fuss about homemade stock. No wonder....

Black Bean Soup

When I lived in Australia, I craved this soup. Really badly. I'm not sure if it was a classic case of wanting what you couldn't have or simply a tasty way to make it through the surprisingly chilly Australian winter. All I know is that I...

Baked Apples

Baked apples are very easy to make, but a challenge to photograph. If you try to take a picture while they're piping hot and beautifully plump, the steam fogs the camera lense. If you wait until they cool, they look like they were left on the...

Italian Dessert Week – Zabaglione

This dessert furthers my theory that Italians like to keep their hands busy. Zabaglione is no make-ahead time saver. You're frothing like a mad fiend right up to the moment of serving. And it takes a good 10 to 15 minutes of uninterrupted whipping to...

Italian Dessert Week – Baci Brownies

Baci chocolates are one of my all-time favourite treats. Not only do I get a mouthful of a beloved flavour combination -- chocolate and hazelnut -- each candy comes with a little love note. How wonderfully Italian. So when I saw the recipe for Baci Brownies...

Italian Week – Spaghetti and Meatballs

I don't have a drop of Italian blood in me. Fortunately, Debbie does. And with typical Italian generosity, she shares her family's spaghetti and meatball secrets. It's a true family recipe, not one ripped from the pages of a magazine and incorporated into family lore...

Italian Week — Butternut Gnocchi

Not bad for a first try. Gnocchi has intimidated me ever since I visited friends in Italy and returned from a day of sight seeing to find my hosts and their entire kitchen covered in flour. While I was touring the colosseum in Verona, they'd spent...

Italian Week — Butternut Risotto

Italian cuisine can be full of surprises. Despite calling for two whole tablespoons of minced garlic, this dish is sweet and unexpectedly subtle. Too subtle for some. Like my father, who diplomatically suggested I shouldn't bother making it again but was open to lemon pie. Or...

Italian Week — Marinated Olives

Reviewing my Italian week line-up, I realized that unless you're carb-loading for a marathon, you'll need a break from the starch I'm about to foist upon you before the week's over. Stromboli, risotto, spaghetti and gnocchi are all wonderful, but I can feel my waistband...

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