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Captain Improv’s Easy Lemon Chicken

Captain Improv’s Creamy Lemon Chicken

First there was Lex Luther, The Joker and Mr X. Then came Dr. Horrible and his malevolent idol Bad Horse, The Thoroughbred of Sin. I’m fortunate to have never come across such terrifying evil doers. Some say I remain unscathed because I live a quiet life safely outside the crime-magnet of a major Metropolis. Others […]

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Crostoli dusted with icing sugar

Crostoli or Frappe du Carnaval

It’s Shrove Tuesday and everyone’s flipping pancakes and frying fritters. Me? I’m trying my hand at crostoli — a crispy, fried dough so light it’s almost like you’re not eating. Variations appear throughout Europe with different names and different shapes, but the distinctive blistered dough is unmistakable. And impossible to resist. I always thought of […]

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Chewy Oatmeal Cookies by

My Favourite Oatmeal Cookies

I dread the old-lady grey days of winter. With no horizon to steady my gaze, the relentless expanse of white makes me anxious. I drift in time as unpredictable storms ignore the calendar and scoff at the groundhog. As the colourless land and sky merge into a seamless stretch of frost, I feel trapped in […]

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How to get more flavour out of your chicken stock

Make the Most Flavorful Chicken Stock

Not everyone reads the comments section, so I thought I’d start a separate post to share the conversation I’ve been having with Barbara about chicken stock. Barbara has moved to a small apartment and is re-learning to make stock without $7 stewing hens and a large stockpot. So far, she’s managed to create a very gelatinous stock […]

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Overnight Chocolate Chip Cookies by The Messy Baker

Overnight Chocolate Chip Cookies

My mother insists I didn’t drive her to what she politely referred to as “the brink of distraction.” She may well have found my inquisitive nature delightful, but my non-stop questions got under her skin. When Mom had reached her limit, she would cup her hand gently but firmly beneath my chin, lock her eyes […]

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