Double Trouble Ginger Cookies

The tree outside my bedroom window is turning a golden red as we move past the halfway point of September. This glorious hue is often called "ginger" and reminds me of golden retrievers and freckle-faced red heads. Not actually the colour of ginger root, it...

Grammatically Correct Marshmallow Squares

Standing in line at Starbucks waiting to order a latte, I found myself wondering why they don't use the possessive case (really, it should be "Starbuck's"). Since pointing out the error to the barista was unlikely to correct this grammatical faux pas, I distracted myself...

From Scratch Moroccan Chicken

I'm not a particularly patient person, which is why some people are amazed that I take the time to cook from scratch. Well, if the powers that be made better convenience foods, I might reconsider, but currently, that's not an option. Most tinned or pre-packaged...

Six Degrees of Separation Black Bean Salad

Cilantro is one of those herbs that you either love or hate. My best friend says it tastes like soap, which it doesn't -- and believe me, I should know (see my post on Turkish Delight). While I could eat it by the handful and...

green beans1
Basil and Walnut Green Beans

I've always had firm opinions about food. Even as a child you couldn't trick me into eating tinned corn. Frozen was fine, fresh even better, but it if came from a can, I'd have nothing of it. Peas were just as bad -- in any...

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