Ginger Ice Cream Pie

I live in the birthplace of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae. I learned his poem In Flanders Fields in Grade 5. I still know it by heart, and it still makes me cry. Tonight, Andrew will give a lecture on the horrific battle of Passchendael. We...

Mulligatawny Soup

When I first heard of Mulligatawny soup, I had no idea what it was. The name sounded Irish to me. I envisioned a simple stew-like dish with hunks of long-simmered beef, thick rounds of overcooked carrots and potato wedges that would fall apart en route...

Italian Week — Butternut Gnocchi

Not bad for a first try. Gnocchi has intimidated me ever since I visited friends in Italy and returned from a day of sight seeing to find my hosts and their entire kitchen covered in flour. While I was touring the colosseum in Verona, they'd spent...

Italian Week — Marinated Olives

Reviewing my Italian week line-up, I realized that unless you're carb-loading for a marathon, you'll need a break from the starch I'm about to foist upon you before the week's over. Stromboli, risotto, spaghetti and gnocchi are all wonderful, but I can feel my waistband...

Maple Walnut Ice Cream

My taste buds have changed over the years. I used to hate maple and now have become quite fond of it. So fond of it that I made maple walnut ice cream as a nod to Canadian cuisine for The World's Longest Barbecue. The secret to...

Rosemary Spread

Looks kinda chi-chi doesn't it? Truth be told I whipped it up in about 2 minutes and put it on a piece of torn bagel brought home from the Farmers' Market a half hour before. I think the sprig of rosemary elevates the look. Or...

$112 Cinnamon Ice Cream

This recipe is Cheryl's fault. I tried her cinnamon brownies and because of a mistake on my end, not hers, ended up with a tasty but dry dessert. My solution was to top it off with cinnamon ice cream. Only no one makes cinnamon ice cream...

Allison’s Idea Ice Cream

Mom asked for lemon cake with raspberry filling for her birthday. Instead, she got a botched coconut layer cake and a new type of ice cream. As the Stones said, you can't always get what you want. In this case, the lyrics applied not just to my...

Ten-Minute Salmon

I refuse to get all bent out of shape over where this salmon came from or how it was raised. My husband was doing the grocery shopping, saw "wild salmon", thought I'd like it and brought home a piece for me. He doesn't eat anything...

Chocolate Chipotle Brownies

Chocolate and chili is the perfect marriage. Together they make a cockle-warming hot cocoa or a palate-pleasing ice cold gelato. Of course, they're happy to meet half way and be a practical room-temperature chocolate bar, too. They're the backbone of a savory mole sauce and...

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