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Golden Beet and Yellow Tomato Soup

There’s a great moment in the pilot episode of Firefly. Against a backdrop of falling bombs, exploding grenades and rounds of gun fire, Bendis, a very young and very terrified solider fears he’s going to die. His superior, played by the ever-so dishy Nathan Fillion, responds with bravado. “We can’t die, Bendis,” he says. “You […]

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It’s Raining Butter

I have melted butter in the microwave for years without incident. Well, okay there was the fire incident, but I never made that mistake again. Today, just as my new baking column at launched, I had a series of baking disasters. The one pictured above was #3, so that should be the end of […]

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In place of my scheduled peach post, I’m paying tribute to three fallen friends who gave their structural integrity in the name of food. Yesterday, as I carried a box laden with cake, bowls, wooden cutting boards and knives to the car, senseless tragedy struck. One small misstep on the back porch and ever-watchful Gravity […]

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