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06 Nov
Move over Rover

Common sense and the family dog aren't good enough anymore. I'm not making this up. A Toronto company is perfecting a plastic wrap that will warn you when your leftovers are no longer safe to eat. Antibodies stamped into the wrap react with pathogens in...

05 Nov
Is black the new green?

In keeping with my 2007 new year's resolutions, I am now the proud owner of a dozen or so eco-friendly black PC grocery bags. If we all use these instead of the disposable version, we can divert 1 billion plastic bags from landfill -- each...

04 Nov
You shouldn’t have. No really…

If you're like me you have dozens of little jars hiding in the pantry cupboard. They arrive in lovely gift bags around the holiday season and simply stockpile. While they sound too good to eat - Grand Marnier marmalade, raspberry merlot jelly, ginger and cognac...

24 May
Scrambled or fried

I'm not sure which style of egg best describes my brain recently, but I've been anything but sunny-side up. Between an increased workload, a wide range of social commitments and a garden that has decided to defy its "low maintenance" label, something had to give....

10 Apr
Breakfast, Canadian Style

Ten-year-old Nicholas and his family are coming to visit from Australia. Being fresh out of Vegemite, I was a bit worried about what to give him for breakfast. While his parents assure me he's easy to feed, after hearing his enthusiastic request for pancakes, I'm...

03 Apr
Ugly Appetizers: Tasty Tapenades

I'm constantly amazed that my tapenade rolls are popular. Yet despite their appearance, they disappear quickly at parties. Frankly, if someone offered me what looked like a flaccid sausage roll with puce coloured filling vomiting from the sides, I'd pass. But good cooks garner faith,...

28 Mar
Lassi Comes Home

While I love Indian food, I always struggled with the accompanying beverage choices. I don't like beer, wine doesn't complement curry (not matter what the wine matching wheel from the LCBO says) and water is just too plebeian for the rich mixture of spices. The...

24 Mar
New Way to Cook and New Category

My resolutions are falling by the wayside quickly. While I've embraced Thai cooking and kept a whopping 36 plastic grocery bags from going to landfill, I haven't given beets a second thought or even cracked the cover of Sally Schneider's The Improvisational Cook. Clearly, I...

14 Mar
Ultra-Feminine Pad Thai

I recently stumbled upon a website that claims to analyse writing. Using an elaborate algorithm, it determines the writer's sex. Just plug 500 or more words into The Gender Genie, click "submit" and see if your linguistic skills match your hormones. As usual, I've managed...

12 Mar
Adjusting to technology

I must learn to be patient with gadgets. When I made the leap from an electric to gas stove, the shift wasn't seamless, despite my culinary skills. I burned the first few dishes and overcompensated by undercooking the next. Forgetting the open flame, I even...

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