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01 Jan
Culinary Offerings for 2008

Being right can be a burden. As predicted, my success rate with last year's resolutions has been less than stellar. While I've managed to wrestle my grocery bag dependency into submission, I have yet to dive into Sally Schneider's The Improvisational Cook but instead amassed...

30 Dec
Love It or Leave It Smoked Oyster Dip

With New Years parties just around the corner, I thought I'd provide a recipe that's easy and starts to fulfill my offer to create recipes around your favourite food combinations. Susan Kirk, who claims to be queen of bizarre food pairings, suggested oysters and mascarpone...

14 Dec
Is this thing on?

Okay. Dark chocolate and ginger. There's another combination I adore. Does that help? Frankly, I'm a tad disappointed. No one responded to Wednesday's invitation to share their favourite food duos to win fabulous prizes. (Okay. A recipe.) Not even my husband. And after melting my coffee maker...

12 Dec
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

How far will you go to get an out of print cookbook you know only by reputation? If Nigel Slater is the author, I'm willing to Google until my mouse dies and my fingers ache. It took more than a year to find Slater's Appetite...

11 Dec
Just Right Lemon Bars

In the past, I've confessed to losing recipes. While I've been good about entering "keepers" into my database, when it comes to lemon bars I've got a whole new problem. Oh, I can find the recipe all right. In fact, I can find six variations....

08 Dec
Now then, some cheese please, my good man…

Every time I stand at a cheese counter, I think of Monty Python's classic skit. I play a little game with myself to see if they have any of the varieties John Cleese rhymes off. Once when the vendor asked if he could help me,...

06 Dec
Sparks are flying

Winter in Canada brings many wonders. Fresh fallen snow that sparkles like diamond dust. Frosty air that turns your breath into dancing white swirls. And tiny blue sparks of static electricity that sting like an invisible bully's snapped you with a miniature rubber band. No...

03 Dec
Cookie Exchange Etiquette

According to various women's magazines The Annual Cookie Exchange is a fast and fun way to fill your fridge with holiday goodies while socializing with friends. Seductive promises like these, combined with glossy photos of happy families munching the sugary spoils, can be very persuasive....

01 Dec
Lord knows, he’s trying…

Bang-bang-bang, crash, thump, wham. "It's okay! The fire is out!" Not what you want to hear from your husband when he's supposed to be cooking dinner, although somewhat more comforting than "Call 9-1-1!" The butcher paper from the steak he was cooking got too close to...

26 Nov
Eat, Pray, Love

Within the first few chapters of Elizabeth Gilbert's memoirs Eat, Pray, Love, I swore I'd track down and read every word she's ever written - even her grocery lists. Gilbert writes with such flow and charm don't be surprised if you find yourself unplugging the...

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