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06 Dec
Sparks are flying

Winter in Canada brings many wonders. Fresh fallen snow that sparkles like diamond dust. Frosty air that turns your breath into dancing white swirls. And tiny blue sparks of static electricity that sting like an invisible bully's snapped you with a miniature rubber band. No...

03 Dec
Cookie Exchange Etiquette

According to various women's magazines The Annual Cookie Exchange is a fast and fun way to fill your fridge with holiday goodies while socializing with friends. Seductive promises like these, combined with glossy photos of happy families munching the sugary spoils, can be very persuasive....

01 Dec
Lord knows, he’s trying…

Bang-bang-bang, crash, thump, wham. "It's okay! The fire is out!" Not what you want to hear from your husband when he's supposed to be cooking dinner, although somewhat more comforting than "Call 9-1-1!" The butcher paper from the steak he was cooking got too close to...

26 Nov
Eat, Pray, Love

Within the first few chapters of Elizabeth Gilbert's memoirs Eat, Pray, Love, I swore I'd track down and read every word she's ever written - even her grocery lists. Gilbert writes with such flow and charm don't be surprised if you find yourself unplugging the...

25 Nov
Coffee crisis

Good news. We're still married. Bad news. Andrew melted my coffee maker. I shouldn't complain. He makes me a morning coffee -- actually, a morning latte - every day. Weekends included. He brings it to me in bed and always says, "Please accept this fine cup of...

19 Nov
A toast to Toast

I adore a writer who can revel in imperfection. Nigel Slater begins his memoirs with his mother scraping burned toast out the kitchen window. Despite black bits in his butter and a smoke filled kitchen, he is "smitten". And so was I. Slater has a rare...

17 Nov
My apologies and a soup recipe

If, when you click on this post, you wonder, "What on earth is that smell?" it's me. Almost 24 hours since our Greek meal on The Danforth and I'm still reeking of garlic. No wonder the kittens are keeping their distance. I smell so strongly, I...

15 Nov
Baked, not fried

I thought I knew all the deep fried options available. Our local Scottish-themed pub serves deep fried Mars bars, the 2006 State Fair of Texas drew crowds and headlines for serving deep-fried Coca-Cola, and Indiana upped the ante the following year with deep-fried, chocolate-dipped strawberries....

13 Nov
Watching a pot almost boil

I once had a whistling stove-top kettle designed by Murphy's evil cousin. Its dime-sized spout made it difficult to fill, and the whistle never worked as the manufacturers claimed. Instead of emitting an attention-grabbing shriek, it would splutter apologetically and then gear down to a...

08 Nov
The $25,000 dessert

Think Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee at your local romantic restaurant is overpriced at $12.50? Try dishing out $25,000 for a frozen chocolate mousse. No, that's not a typo. Coming in just above the price of a fully loaded Prius is the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate. And...

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