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24 Jan
Oven-Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

The innocent potato has caused more trouble than any other root vegetable in history. It's driven the Irish from their homeland, embarrassed Vice President Dan Quayle (or it it Quayl?) and today lead to the arrest of a 75-year-old grandmother. According to the Clearwater Local6...

23 Jan
Cats got my tongue

Sorry, I've tried. I really have. I just can't face the topic of food today. I've been dealing with a couple of sick kittens (pictured above a couple of months ago in an adorably healthy state). While I am perfectly capable of writing between rounds...

22 Jan
Mandolins and the much tauted julienne fry

I'm old enough to remember the original commercials for Dial-O-Matic where Ron Popeil coined the phrase, "It slices. It dices. It even makes julienne fries!" I didn't know what julienne fries were, but I wanted to make them. Badly. I was young and impressionable, and if...

20 Jan
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 2)

This week, on As The Barrel Turns, a potential setback was narrowly avoided. In an uncharacteristic burst of bravado, Dr. Thomson chose to forego the accurate measuring of the degree of rotation and opted to just "eyeball it." While the barrel landed in the proper position,...

18 Jan
Pecan Cheesies – Going, Going, Gone

You'll notice there's no photo with today's recipe. Partly my fault. Partly Andrew's. I've been saving this post for a cold, snowy, winter evening, thinking you'd enjoy a nice savory nibble with a glass of wine or sherry by the fire with friends. Sounds tempting? Well, you'll...

16 Jan
Bone Density Death by Chocolate

Andrew hides bars of my favourite chocolate around the house to pull out in emotional emergencies. Smart man. Although I'm not a fan of the chocolate/bacon combo, I bow to the irony of chocolate having saved his bacon more than once. It's hard to...

13 Jan
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns

For those who are following this breaking Whisky Works story, today was Barrel Turning Day. "I felt a lot of pressure," says Dr. Andrew Thomson of Wilfrid Laurier University's History Department. "Clockwise or counter-clockwise? It's a big decision. Once you commit to a direction, there's...

11 Jan
SpiceStack – Why Didn’t I Think of This?

As a teen, I was convinced my mother was the weirdest parent on the planet. My girlfriends and I would try to outdo each other with stories of our mothers' embarrassing behaviour, like how they'd shop in curlers or forced us to wear bell bottoms...

10 Jan
Byron in the Bargain Bin

Some of my favourite cookbooks have come from the bargain bin. Amidst a stack of discount duds I’ve found gems I’d have happily paid full price for. Byron’s New Home Cooking by Byron Ayanoglu is one of them. Sure the jacket font is dated, but...

08 Jan
Up to the Challenge Black Bean Salsa

Frankly, I don't know how Mom did it. She kept track of all her children's likes and dislikes, right down to the details of whether we ate our carrots cooked or raw, wanted our toast cut in triangles or sliced into strips, or preferred our...

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