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14 Feb
Valentine’s Day Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake

Okay. Everybody owes me five bucks. As predicted, February is indeed Chocolate Month. In fact, my favourite treat gets a tad grabby and lays claim to Celebration of Chocolate as well. Honestly, how's a poor dented shopping cart to compete against the sex appeal of...

12 Feb
That was easy – almost too easy

Well, Christie's Corner has a new look and it all went off without a hitch. My first thought was "That was easy!" but I'm now a bit nervous. I just know I missed something. Something really obvious or really important -- like I've misspelled my...

11 Feb
Shaking things up

There's only so much winter food can cure. Hearty soups, exotic curries and rich desserts take my palate around the world, but my eyes still hunger for variety. I'm tired of looking out the window at the same white landscape and naked trees. I'm tired...

10 Feb
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 5)

After the fever pitch of last week's tasting, today's quarter turn seemed anticlimactic. Dr. Thomson likened it shooting par after a birdie. "One shouldn't complain, but going through the motions again seems so mundane." Realizing the hard slogging has just begun, Thomson briefly considered switching...

07 Feb
Saved by the Brandy Sauce

Ever since the regrettable Blueberry Goo incident, I've avoided slow cooker sweets. However, I recently attended a crockpot potluck supper and was delegated dessert. Not one to let the team down, I stepped up to the challenge. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to...

06 Feb
Handy Andy Stikes Again

After the coffeemaker fiasco, I thought things were resolved. I've been getting my morning latte and Andrew's no longer walking on egg shells. However, the melted cafetiera handle has been getting worse. Its ragged edges shred Andrew's thumb every morning when he screws the lid...

05 Feb
Shrove Tuesday

Shake up the old Batter Blaster. It's Shrove Tuesday. This means there's pancakes for supper and no one will stop you from having seconds or even thirds. In some circles, it's even encouraged -- but be warned. They'll take gorging as a sign you intend...

04 Feb
I can’t believe they’re not chicken wings

Kinda ugly, aren't they? Despite their somewhat dubious looks, these are a tasty and unexpected compromise for the chicken wing battle that wages in our house. My husband loves chicken wings. Their high-fat, low-meat ratio makes them a less than healthy snack. He likes the...

03 Feb
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 4)

A momentous day for As The Barrel Turns. Having completed the first full rotation, Dr. Andrew Thomson succumbed to public pressure and sampled his Whisky Works project. Initial excitement quickly turned to frustration when the cask failed to yield its contents. Remembering his fifth grade physics...

01 Feb
Perfect Basmati Rice

Sometimes the simplest things stump me. For years, rice was my nemesis. Too sticky, too wet, too mushy. The alternative? Burnt. I couldn't even make Uncle Ben's turn out right. As with my bitter green tea fiasco, when faced with continued failure, I simply stopped...

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