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18 Mar
Chocolate Ginger Cheesecake

I was debating what to blog about when Jodi sent me a plant via Facebook and tagged on a note about how she needed more ginger and chocolate. Well, we must be on the same craving wavelength because on the weekend I had a hankering...

14 Mar
Monica Bhide’s Curried Popcorn and a few answers

While gadget week is behind me, my post on savory garlic popcorn needs some further attention. To clarify, three cloves of garlic produce a mild topping. If you don't mind being socially unacceptable, crank the volume to 10 and have mints on hand. However, if...

13 Mar
March Issue of Guelph Life

Does the model on the cover of this month's Guelph Life look a tad familiar? Well, she should. C'est moi! Even though this is a regional lifestyle magazine, I've been humming Dr. Hook's "On The Cover of the Rolling Stone" all day. Yes, it dates me....

12 Mar
The Kitchen God

My essay, The Kitchen God, is today's Facts & Arguments essay in the Globe and Mail. In it, I recount learning to bake at my mother's elbow. Thanks Mom. I owe you. Love, Charmian Update: The article is no longer available online for free. For copyright reasons I won't...

11 Mar
Old Fashioned Brown Sugar Cake

Silly me. I should have photographed the cake before placing it on the table in front of the ravening horde (aka my family). Tired of snow and yearning for old-fashioned comfort, I whipped up a brown sugar cake straight out of grandma's kitchen. Dark brown sugar,...

09 Mar
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 9 Snow Day)

In a classic episode of WKRP, Les Nessman announces the city is about to be hit by a giant lizzard. The "b" on the teletype machine wasn't working. After last night's deluge, we'd take Jurassic Park reptiles over snow fall like this any day. To give...

07 Mar
Savory Garlic Popcorn

According to the weather reports, a "menacing storm" is moving in this weekend. Even though there's no room to put it, Southern Ontario can welcome another foot of snow. To cope with the impending downfall, I'm adopting the maybe-it-will-go-away school of thought. I'm going to...

06 Mar
Popcorn maker claims are full of hot air

Free to a good home: One sad-sack hot air popcorn maker. In keeping with the previous surprises I've encountered during Gadget Week, my planned review of a garlic mandolin will have to wait. Instead of presenting you with a tasty recipe for garlic and rosemary popcorn,...

05 Mar
Lemon Risotto – To Grate or Microplane, That is the Question

What started out as Gadget Week is morphing into an experiment I'm dubbing Expand Charmian's Palate. Yesterday I discovered that pears poached in black currant wine is greater than the sum of its parts. And today? I set aside my textural objections and made Lemon...

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