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08 Apr
Blog poll is closed

The results are in and I'm inordinately pleased. More than half the voters dissed Ms. Ray, and since almost no one is interested in food trends, I don't have to scour the web for cutting edge food news. At least not for my blog. Editors...

07 Apr
Last Chance to Vote

Today's the last chance to voice your approval via my spiffy new poll. Unlike most voting systems, blog polls break all the rules and the squeaky reader gets the extra virgin olive oil. Feel strongly? Vote twice. Made a mistake? No problem. Make amends with the...

06 Apr
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Unlucky Episode 13)

Believe it or not, Dr Andrew Thomson was playing hockey last night at midnight. Rink time is hard to come by here, so once a month the boys play a late night game of shinny. We're guessing a black cat walked by -- or more likely,...

03 Apr
Roll Up the Rim to Lose

Three guesses at what this is. It fits on your key chain, costs $2.50 and could win you a Toyota Matrix XR AWD. Or to be precise, it could help you learn you've won the car -- or a boat, or GPS device or maybe a...

01 Apr
Time for a Poll – No April Foolin’

Look to the left. Just below my profile photo is a poll. I just discovered Blogger's Poll feature and thought now would be a good time to test it out. I've got tons of ideas for blogs, but find my psychic abilities as charred as the...

31 Mar
Aga Envy

You'll never guess what arrived in the mail today - unsolicited. AGA Magazine. Yes, folks, an entire magazine revolving around an oven. It's big, it's glossy and it's not all that bad. I'm speaking of the magazine, but the same applies to an Aga. Okay,...

29 Mar
Mystery Solved

Recently I confessed to bringing rancid salad dressing to a potluck dinner. After my initial mortification waned, curiosity emerged. Just how could this have happened? With cupboards chock full all kinds of fancy oils and flavoured vinegars, one bottle looks pretty much like another. I...

28 Mar
Crete on the Half Shell

Sometimes I need a little escape. Having enjoyed the anecdotes in Byron Ayangolu's not-so-new New Home Cooking, I decided to read his sun-soaked tale of retiring to Crete and opening a curry house despite numerous challenges and knowing better. Just as I was about to begin...

26 Mar
Three Strikes and You’re Out

Sometimes I feel cursed. At Christmas I made a batch of Parmesan Twists, a rich cheesy nibbley, and in my haste decided not to twist them. While this omission didn't alter the taste or texture, the resulting log-like forms were less than inspiring. Instead of...

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