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18 Apr
Amish Zombie Bread

This post is not for the squeamish. Consider yourself warned. Still with me? Remember the not-so-Amish bread starter I tossed in the garbage on Monday to save my friends from eternal baking? After waste pick up this morning, Andrew found a fresh batch alive and growing...

15 Apr
Amish Friendship Bread – The Buck Stops Here

Amish Friendship Bread is the sour dough version of a chain letter. In true pacifist style, no one threatens you with bad luck, higher taxes or computer woes should you break the chain. However, by following the directions, you end up two loaves of mediocre...

14 Apr
Latte Whip – Whip It, Whip It Good

The buzz of this little gadget starts me off each morning. This handheld, battery-operated latte whip costs less than $15 retail but is priceless in my books. I've tried those Bodum-like milk frothers you pump manually. While they create a nice head of foam, they don't...

13 Apr
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 14)

A few short weeks ago, Dr Thomson was up to his unmentionables in snow. Today, he's up to his cask hoops in marking. So distracted by the influx of year-end book reviews and essays, Thomson almost forgot to turn the barrel. Thomson put down his red pencils...

10 Apr
Caffeine Brain — it’s a good thing

I'm going to go to North Dakota and kiss someone. Dr Jonathan Geiger, to be precise. Thanks to him and his tireless team of researchers, we now have "the best evidence yet" that caffeine protects the brain. Yes folks, it's true. A cup of joe...

08 Apr
Blog poll is closed

The results are in and I'm inordinately pleased. More than half the voters dissed Ms. Ray, and since almost no one is interested in food trends, I don't have to scour the web for cutting edge food news. At least not for my blog. Editors...

07 Apr
Last Chance to Vote

Today's the last chance to voice your approval via my spiffy new poll. Unlike most voting systems, blog polls break all the rules and the squeaky reader gets the extra virgin olive oil. Feel strongly? Vote twice. Made a mistake? No problem. Make amends with the...

06 Apr
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Unlucky Episode 13)

Believe it or not, Dr Andrew Thomson was playing hockey last night at midnight. Rink time is hard to come by here, so once a month the boys play a late night game of shinny. We're guessing a black cat walked by -- or more likely,...

03 Apr
Roll Up the Rim to Lose

Three guesses at what this is. It fits on your key chain, costs $2.50 and could win you a Toyota Matrix XR AWD. Or to be precise, it could help you learn you've won the car -- or a boat, or GPS device or maybe a...

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