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Lucky Money. A Chinese New Year Tradition
31 Jan
Chinese New Year – Visiting Sweets and Lucky Numbers

Tonight marks the launch of Chinese New Year, a 15-day celebration that includes, feasting, firework displays and closes with the glimmering Lantern Festival. A quick Internet search might leave you with the impression it’s all about food. While meals and specific dishes are significant, the...

30 Jan
Beer Batter Orange Crepes

This post will come as a surprise to those who know me. I'm not a beer drinker. Yet here I am creating a recipe using ale. Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA to be precise. Why? Because I was asked. And they specifically wanted a dessert,...

Lavender Honey Chicken by
27 Jan
Easy Lavender Honey Chicken

It is not winter here inside my kitchen. The four inches of crystallized water piled up on the back porch is just an illusion created by the white curtains and the angle of the light. That sound isn't howling wind. It's a neighbour's dog, Or...

Herbs and Spices by Jill Norman.
23 Jan
Herbs & Spices and the DK Contest

This is not a sponsored post. I haven't been paid to tell you about this contest (details below) and will not receive any kickback. I'm not even submitting my pick for a chance to win $250 worth of books. I'm posting because I have a...

19 Jan
Poached Eggs with Yogurt and Smoked Paprika Butter

Poached eggs are misunderstood. Cooked without added fat, some people consider them boring— unless they’re wedged between a thick base of back bacon and a topcoat of hollandaise. Others will say they’re too much work. You have to boil water, find a slotted spoon, set...

Burnt Caramel Pudding —
14 Jan
Burnt Caramel Pudding

This post isn't what I intended. I had planned on doing a round-up of my favourite cold-weather soup recipes. Healthy, economical, waste-free, toe-warming soup. But after poking about the Internet for a minute or two, I realized everyone had the same idea. So instead, I'm sharing...

Avoiding Food Waste - Roasted Cauliflower gets a face lift
07 Jan
Tackling Food Waste

This month’s Canadian Food Experience Project focuses on resolutions. I could have used my culinary bucket list as my contribution, but I don’t do proper resolutions and felt this was a bit of a cheat.  Then I rethought things. I’ve been wearing blinkers. The word “resolution” has...

What's on your culinary bucket list?
03 Jan
2014 Culinary Bucket List

For the past couple of years I’ve made a Culinary Bucket list in lieu of New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions leave me with little but guilt and the vague sense that if I were stronger / more focused / more dedicated / better in every way...

Cooking iwth Flowers by Miche Bacher
21 Dec
Some 2013 Cookbooks Worth Mentioning

So many cookbooks, so little time. And there are still more on my desk begging for attention. With Christmas barreling in faster than the approaching ice storm, I've selected a wide range of this year's culinary books for you -- or the hard-to-buy-for on your list...

Avocado Tomatillo Sauce -
19 Dec
Avocado Tomatillo Sauce

It has snowed so much lately my shovel and I are on a first name basis. It sees my boots coming and says, "Hello, Charmian." I nod, pull my hat down over my ears and grab the chirpy shovel in a choke hold. Together, Shovel...

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