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12 May
Green with Coffee Roasting Envy

Turn that frown upside down, White- Westinghouse Popper. Thanks to Carolyn Erikson, her coffee roasting husband and my inability to toss things out in a timely fashion, you've been granted a stay of execution. Today, while reading Carolyn's detailed blog post, I learned we don't have...

11 May
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 18)

Last week, when we promised you a golf metaphor, we completely forgot about Mother's Day. This Hallmark hole-in-one trumps all else, so we abandoned the links concept and embraced family ties. We were going to ask my mother to be the guest turner, but Mom's aren't...

10 May
Rootham’s Red Pepper Jelly Tarts

If necessity is the mother in invention, then pending company and limited time sire recipes -- some of which are actually worth sharing. One of my favourite spontaneous creations uses Rootham's Tangy Red Pepper Jelly. I'd been given a jar as a hostess gift, and...

09 May
Compliments and Coffee

The blog-a-day challenge has forced me to try RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. I've never quite understood their appeal and always opted for email subscriptions. The inbox method was easy when I only followed a couple of blogs. Now that I'm keeping tabs on more...

08 May
Breakfast blues

According to the Food Substitution Bible, butterscotch ripple ice cream is not a suitable stand-in for raspberry yogurt. There goes my breakfast plan. An hour after the latte hits my system I'm ready to eat. Plain organic yogurt, some unsweetened berries and a high-fibre, protein-rich cereal...

07 May
Lowering the fat on Honey Carrot Cake

A while ago Lisa emailed me asking how to reduce the fat in baking. One of her favourite loaf recipes calls for an entire cup of oil and she wanted to cut back. For years I've read that you can just replace half the oil...

06 May
The Icing on the Cake Server

I'm a Gemini through and through. Cookbook holders had damned well better be functional and corkscrews must perform or else. But cake servers? Well, my passion for shoes changes everything. When my sister found this stylish and functional cake server at Symmetry in Elora, she just...

05 May
Ode to Blu Tack

I've already shown you my ugly duckling recipe binder with sheet protectors. This plain but practical system keeps my printouts and magazine clippings under control. But what about the hundreds of old-fashioned recipe cards I've collected over the decades? I keep promising myself I'll transfer...

04 May
Whisky Works – As The Barrel Turns (Episode 17)

Today, for As the Barrel Turns, Dr Thomson ventured into the Big City in hopes of acquiring an Aaron Hill bobblehead. "Good glove. Good stick. Future all star," Thomson says. "I had hoped this promising player would bring luck to my whisky." But alas, everyone at...

03 May
Umbra PortoChef Recipe Album

After my first Umbra disappointment, I was skeptical of their PortoChef Recipe Album. Promotional photos and reality don't often jibe in my world. I love the concept. Its 26 plastic sleeves wipe clean and hold computer printouts or magazine clippings, both of which I have in...

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