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06 May
The Icing on the Cake Server

I'm a Gemini through and through. Cookbook holders had damned well better be functional and corkscrews must perform or else. But cake servers? Well, my passion for shoes changes everything. When my sister found this stylish and functional cake server at Symmetry in Elora, she just...

05 May
Ode to Blu Tack

I've already shown you my ugly duckling recipe binder with sheet protectors. This plain but practical system keeps my printouts and magazine clippings under control. But what about the hundreds of old-fashioned recipe cards I've collected over the decades? I keep promising myself I'll transfer...

04 May
Whisky Works – As The Barrel Turns (Episode 17)

Today, for As the Barrel Turns, Dr Thomson ventured into the Big City in hopes of acquiring an Aaron Hill bobblehead. "Good glove. Good stick. Future all star," Thomson says. "I had hoped this promising player would bring luck to my whisky." But alas, everyone at...

03 May
Umbra PortoChef Recipe Album

After my first Umbra disappointment, I was skeptical of their PortoChef Recipe Album. Promotional photos and reality don't often jibe in my world. I love the concept. Its 26 plastic sleeves wipe clean and hold computer printouts or magazine clippings, both of which I have in...

02 May
Blogathon and Almond Coriander Curry

Two points of order for today. First, I've entered a blogathon. Don't panic. I'm too lazy to blog myself to death. This blogathon's slogan is, "A blog a day for the month of May." That's 31 posts. Now that I'm two posts in, I'm wishing...

01 May
Quick Chop – Speedy Death

As promised, I made the Almond Coriander Chicken from Rouxbe for dinner last night. I'd planned on blogging about the site and resulting recipe, but Murphy dropped by to say hello. The recipe called for 4 whole onions. That's a lot of chopping, so I hauled...

30 Apr
Anita Stewart’s Canada and Rouxbe

I recently reviewed the newest book by Cuisine Canada's founder for Off The Shelf. If you're in downtown Guelph, drop by The Bookshelf and pick up a copy of Anita Stewart's Canada, the review -- or both. While the cover photo will make you want to...

29 Apr
Picture Dictionary of Wonderful Words

In the Social Studies page of yesterday's Globe and Mail, Michael Kesterton mentioned Christopher Foyle's collection of all-but-lost words. I was delighted to see that more than half of the sample pulled from Foyle's Philavery: A Treasury of Unusual Words could be put to immediate...

27 Apr
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 16)

This week on As The Barrel Turns, the The Tax Man cometh. Apparently, claiming two cats and a whisky barrel named Junior as dependents will raise flags with Revenue Canada. While our cookie jar of receipts passes inspection, when it comes to our cheerful little "Junior",...

25 Apr
Dive Right In Hazelnut Tort

Those of you who have a stand-up mixer located permanently on their counter are laughing at me right now. Okay, I can take it. I've earned a collective, "I told you so!" The Viennese torte I made for my sister's birthday required me to whip half...

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